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October 2, 2018


Chrysalis is a book for the community that started in 1972, where students and anyone on the community can share their stories, art, poetry and photography.


 El Paso Community College students are not the only ones that can summit their stories, anybody can submit to the Chrysalis book, people from the community who want to share their art and stories even people from Mexico. 




The deadline to submit entries to the Chysalis Literary and Arts Journal is October 15.



Sarra Valenzuela a student from EPCC Valle Verde is the managing editor and work study from Chrysalis. 


She’s been with Chrysalis since 2017 and she started as the co-editor. Minerva Laveaga is the coordinator of Chrysalis.

Valenzuela explains what kind of stories are published in the book, There’s different stories with different topics that go in the Chrysalis book, for example mental illness, abortions and lots of love stories that get published .


“Yes, there’s stories, there’s non-fiction and fiction and there’s also poetry and we also accept art, drawings and photography and as well as plays. So, it’s not really just story-based, it’s a more of different genres that we published.”


Chrysalis is open and they do encourage more people who write in Spanish to summit stories that are written in Spanish.


“We don’t have a certain criteria you have to meet, you just have to follow our guidelines which is just filling out a form and that’s it and we look over it”. 


Valenzuela explains what’s the main interest on the book is, “anything that stands out made us realize that people are really interested in writing or have a serious passion for their art, we definitely take a higher consideration as to how their skills are in those aspects, but also not just skilled people who are just beginning, that way their voice is heard as well.” 


They help people with their editing and sometimes people need a little help, but their stories are always great.


If people want their names on the stories or confidential its fine either way, also by using an artistic name if they have one. 


Professors from El Paso Community College are also involved in the book and they can also share their stories and art. Chrysalis book also started working with the biology department and they also summit their photos. 


Valenzuela says that they are kind of intermingling the arts with science something new they are starting to do and will continue to do. 


“That’s what’s awesome, its free publication and free books, we passed them out at all our events and our next event is the Literary Fiesta”, Valenzuela says.


 The Literary fiesta is on October 20 from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. .Valenzuela encourages the public to come and enjoy this event with different activities all related to the art of literature. 


October 15 is the deadline to summit stories. The submission guidelines can be found at .

Submissions must be sent to


Valenzuela and the Chrysalis team really do encourage for people to go and share their art on this book that is made for you and the community. 



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