Morone talks healthcare and politics at ASC

October 2, 2018


“No one is more qualified to speak about the moral compass of today,” said EPCC’s government coordinator Dr. Sergio Saenz during his introduction for Dr. James Morone.


Morone was presented by El Paso Community College’s Government discipline at the EPCC Administrative Service Center on Sept. 18 where over 200 people in attendance. 




Dr. James Morone, professor o Political Science and Urban Studies at Brown University.



A professor at Brown University since 1982 and Pulitzer Prize nominee for his book, “Hellfire Nation”, Morone made his appearance to discuss healthcare, the influence of race in politics, the intensity of partisanship, and the importance of voting.


Morone began his presentation with a brief social interaction, asking the audience who they would have voted for in the 2016 election – giving an insight to his topic on political parties and later establishing how America’s founding fathers could have probably never predicted its prevalence today.


The presentation – made possible by the Oxford University Press – was a success not only due to the number in attendance but its accessibility to reach students and the general public.


“Bringing in well-established professors from different universities increases the knowledge base of professionals as well as our students,” said government adjunct professor, Robert J. Nosbisch.


The importance of unbiased and educated information to reach everyone has become increasingly important as a larger wedge is driven through political ideologies.


“I hope Dr. Morone’s talk has made every person, regardless of ideology, examine their stances and maybe even question some of their beliefs,” said Nosbisch.


 “As adults, we continue to evolve and change. Every once in a while, it’s good to do some soul-searching and to ask yourself if you still feel about an issue the same way you felt about it last year, month, week, even the day before.”


Morone stressed about not only the prevalence of ideologies but what one should do with them. 


Texas has one of the lowest voter turnout rates in the country, about a 50% average in the past four presidential elections, according to a 24/7 Wall St. analysis.


“When it comes to voting, it is very important that you know the candidates, the issues, and where the candidates stand on the issues,” said Nosbisch. 


“Voting is one thing; voting based on informed decisions is something else.”People will choose what to do with the information they are given and educators can only hope people will choose the wisest.


“Maybe Morone lit a spark in some attendees in a way that they will want to get involved in government and politics, run for office someday, or go to law school. 


The world of possibilities is enormous,” said Nosbisch. “If Dr. Morone sparked a fire under even just one student, then his talk was a resounding success.”



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