Fashionistas strut their way into a new facility

October 2, 2018


With the hope of expanding the Fashion Technology program, a new building is being added to the Transmountain campus. 


This will not only allow current students to be able to increase their knowledge by adding new classes, but also build brand awareness for incoming students with an interest in fashion.


The new building is set to be technology-oriented.Additionally, it will have bigger rooms for students to work in. 




Additional summer and online classes will be made available in the Fashion Tech. program.


In hopes of expanding the program, more morning and afternoon classes are looking to be added, as well as summer and online classes. 


New elective classes are also being looked into being added.This will give the students who have a curiosity in fashion the opportunity to join the program. The new building is not the only new thing they will be adding. 


Coordinator Vanessa Ramirez will also be a new addition to the program. An EPCC alumna herself, Ramirez returns to share her knowledge and experience with students, making sure they walk out of EPCC well educated in their chosen career. 



“My goal is for them to be successful in whatever they choose to do,” Ramirez said. “Whether they choose to go to a bigger school for their BA or if they decide to go to a big company or if they decide to start their own business. For them to be able to reflect and say I learned everything about it, aside from my hands-on experience, at EPCC that would mean a lot.”




The new facility is set to be technology

-oriented and have plenty of workspace.



From having jobs such as Denim merchandiser for Levi in San Francisco, being a visual merchandiser for both Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe, even having her own clothing line. 


These are just some of the things Ramirez has been doing after graduating back in 2006.  


Ramirez hopes to motivate students and share her experience as a former graduate of the Fashion Technology program at El Paso Community College, to show students that you do whatever you want with the education offered at the campus.


“I hope they see the program in the same way as I see the program, so instrumental in my success in El Paso,” Ramirez said. 


The new Fashion technology building is set to open Summer/Fall of 2019, at the Transmountain campus. 


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