ASC celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with art

October 2, 2018

 Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15) is an official celebration of Americans who have ancestry traced back to Spain, Mexico, Central, and South America, and the Caribbean.


Why do Mexican Americans celebrate Hispanic Heritage? The celebration was introduced to pay tribute to generations of Hispanic Americans who have positively influenced and enriched the nation and society. 


The four-week long dedication is widely celebrated and enjoyed by individuals with Spanish speaking backgrounds to appreciate their culture and diversity. 




"Wire into Wings" by artist Gabriel Gaytan is one of the many hispanic

heritage-inspired art pieces being showcased at the Administrative Services Center.



El Paso Community College takes part in the appreciation of Hispanic Heritage Month by hosting a free-to-the-public art exhibit at the Administrative Services Center. 


This exhibit honors artists for their captivating creations of art. Gabriel S. Gaytán, Frank Rosales, and Angel Ortiz share the pride of their diverse background through their art. Gabriel S. Gaytán shares that images and symbols help him explore his cultural heritage.


Gaytán took more of a political stance to express the meaning of his artwork. “We took down a Great Wall in Germany, just to have one built right here.” Gaytán announces, referring to his art piece titled “No Wall: Immigrants Welcome.”


The art exhibit was also named after his painting. Gaytán thanks his Chicano identity for providing him with a mosaic of ancient and contemporary experiences, born of love, as much as war and revolution. 


Gaytán uses diverse colors in his pieces to represent the diversity of Hispanics. “Color evokes messages for the soul; who we are is more than an accident of history.” Gaytán expresses through his paintings. 


“They must listen to us, for we put them where they are.” Gaytán closes, referring to the voting this November. 


With his supporting parents by his side, Frank Rosales has his creations displayed in an exhibit for the first time ever. 


Rosales is an El Paso native, as well as a self-taught artist; Gabriel Gaytán also announced how astonished he is by Rosales’s amazing work as a self-taught artist. Some early influences Rosales had were comic books and album cover arts. 


Rosales thanks everyone for viewing his art. “I would describe my art as diverse and experimental.”  





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