Move the arena, not the people

September 26, 2018


El Paso is a city that is filled with so much diversity, culture, and history. 


Going downtown you see all the wonderful murals, old buildings, and the beautiful kind people who have been around for generations.


Barrio Duranguito is the largest union plaza neighborhood, it was the first neighborhood that was built by migrants in the early 1900s. 


These migrants wanted to make a living for themselves while coming over from Durango, Mexico. 


While it is Hispanic heritage month, I believe that this story is significant to this month because to capture what El Paso really is, you need to accept the Mexicanness, the Mexican American, and indigenous roots of El Paso.


In December of 2016, our city council had voted to take away this historical neighborhood to make an arena that nobody even wants.


People don’t come to El Paso to see attractions that can be seen from all over the place, they come to see history and culture. 


When people come to El Paso they don’t care about big new arenas, they care for the people who stick together.

 They care for the hole in the wall businesses that have been around forever, they care for the diversity of people that have so many cultures within this city. 


Yet our beloved city council decided to spare the neighborhood, what big hearts they have for giving hope to those living in it, or should I say false hope. 


In early January the El Paso city council decided to take it away from them once again. How can you give people false hope and not feel bad about doing it? 


How is it okay to take away homes from those who have built lives in those homes for over many generations? 


It will never be okay that over 150 people living in duranguito are being forced out of their homes with nowhere else to go. 


It must be nice that the people of the council get to go to their warm beds with no worry of anyone taking their homes away from them. 


How nice it must be to wake up and look themselves in the mirror knowing they are taking away a piece of El Paso just for a useless arena.


Not only that, but these people want you to believe that they are doing good things for this community and each day their hearts grow three more sizes.  


They don’t care about what you want they care about the money they will make once this arena is done. You want to do good for our community? 


Give us recreational centers, give us better schools, gives us programs that allow our children to grow. 

This arena is not going to do us any good, why take away the heart of El Paso? 


Why should we even allow this to happen? And why does it need to happen? The people of duranguito will forever fight for what is rightfully theirs and will fight to their very last breath if it means to protect El Paso most precious history.  


Move the arena, not the people and give them their history back!

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