STS gives students "the power to change their life"

September 18, 2018


After college we sit and contemplate on what to do next, where to start or how to start. 


Where do we go from here? Who will want to hire someone with no work experience? 




Well, as we look towards what we should do to further ourselves into the professional world, El Paso Community College is allowing their students “the power to change their life”, and an opportunity by giving their students a program known as Student Technology Services or “STS”.


 Student Technology Services is a work-based program that allows EPCC students the hands-on experience working in the workforce. 


STS believes that when their students can handle authority and making decisions they will do so responsibly. 


“Our whole goal is so that students are ready for the workforce from the beginning of the interview all the way to the building of their resume,” Head of STS Debbie Aguilera expressed. 


Going into the program you are asked to have a 3.0 grade point average, be enrolled in at least six credit hours in the fall and spring semesters, and have professional communication skills. 


Additonally, STS requires its employees to have a minimum of  20 hours of community service completed per semester.


STS wants to make sure that all their student employees get their foot in the door by making sure they do well for their community; plus, it would really look good on resumes when going for job interviews. 


Not only do they work with the community, but also work with many External Partnerships. 


The college gives the opportunity to succeed professionally when working with other programs outside of STS. 


Students working through STS get the opportuniy to work with eMSTI (eMerging Science and Technology Institute) that will provide relevant work experiences and scholarships to EPCC students, and UTEP that engages students to participate in activities on cyber-security and professional development. 


 STS ensures that all their employees are challenged of their daily operations and their long-term goals are always met.


 It is part of their goal as a program to make sure that all students get the personal and professional growth possible while attending  El Paso Community College.  


Not only are the employees a representation of themselves but a representation of the college and the program. 


STS expects good judgement when dealing with students, other employees and others around them. 


“I always want to make sure that my students know to stay in school, get educated, and network amongst their peers.


Because networking is going to be most important when going into the workplace”. 


Head of STS Debbie Aguilera says.Employees are always encouraged to do their best and strive to be a better part of who they are and who they want to become.



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