Vidal recieves All-American in Cross Country

July 24, 2018

 All American cross-country winner Amy Vidal has embraced it all. Amy Vidal is an EPCC alum who has received this year’s Second Team Academic All-American for Cross Country.


Vidal became a cross-country runner by accident when she first came to the United States from Juarez, Mexico. 


She was looking to just run short distance races until one of the women she spoke to at her high school introduced her to the program. 


Despite it not being what she was looking for, she still took the opportunity because she thought cross-country was what she was looking for and her success began to skyrocket.


“During my sophomore year of high school, I got attached to cross country. I fell completely in love with it and never looked back. It became something I breathed day in and day out,” said Vidal. 


EPCC alumni and cross-country member, Amy Vidal



As she competed in different races and competitions, her hard work granted her the opportunity to go to regionals. 


“I feel extremely proud of myself because everything I managed to do got me somewhere that not many people are able to go to. All it takes is confidence and determination. Little did I know I would accomplish so much more as my school years progressed,” said Vidal. 


With the success came struggles. Some of the struggles Vidal experienced was training at 5:30 a.m. every morning. 


“Since I am not much of a morning person it was tough for me, but I always found a way to make it work. What made it difficult for me also was crossing the bridge from Juarez to El Paso at 4:00 a.m. to attend practice. Anyone who is familiar with crossing the bridge in either direction knows that it can take numerous hours of the day waiting just to get to one side. I also didn’t have a source of transportation, so I relied on different people to take me places,” explained Vidal. 


Vidal feels her formula to success is simple but requires lots of dedication.“It starts with being all about hard work, as well as accomplishment being your primary mindset. To me, that meant doing good on the track and in the classroom to have an equal balance of time devoted to both extracurricular activities and academics,” said Vidal. 


However, it’s was not always an easy task. “There have been times where I was both mentally and physically drained, but still found a way to keep myself motivated because I knew the benefits, in the long run, will pay off,” said Vidal. 


Vidal’s message to everyone who wants to succeed is clear, “work hard and believe in yourself.” She mentioned she is blessed to be where she is today, and she thanks the people that helped her become the individual she is today. 


“I’ll never forget the experience of winning and I’ll never forget the people who guided me. I guess some accidents lead to good things after all,” said Vidal.

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