Tornillo detention center housing undocumented children

July 24, 2018

Last month in the Tornillo-Guadalupe Port of Entry, a detention center was placed to house undocumented children that came to the United States alone and those who were separated from their families after the Trump’s administration “zero tolerance” policy. 


When the news came out about the detention center at the Tornillo bridge, immigration rights supporters started protesting to bring families back together. 


The Tornillo-Guadalupe International Bridge, last known as the Caseta Bridge, was remodeled and innaugurated in February 2016. 


Tornillo is a small town 35 miles out of El Paso going towards Van Horn. Not many people are aware that there was a detention center for children in El Paso. 


People believed that the only detention center that was in the state was in McAllen, Texas. There were serious reports of these detention centers that had a similar look to a correctional facility.


Pictures of kids being held up in cages caught the eye of the world.“It’s really unfair for families to be separated from their two or three-year-old child, I didn’t know we had a detention center here in El Paso, but it so outrageous I can’t imagine the impotence that they are feeling of being separated,” said Jessica Debora Hernandez. 


The fact of families being separated has had a big impact at the international bridges. More security has been applied to each bridge to prevent more conflicts and more people trying to come into the United States through political asylum.


There have been more strict regulations implemented at the bridges especially at the Zaragoza International Bridge. “At the middle of the bridge they are asking for documents and if you don’t have any they will return you,” stated Marcos Eduardo Fierro. 


As a way to prevent more immigrants to come into the United States, CBP agents were placed in the middle of the bridge checking for passports and documents.


For many years citizens from Mexico would work in the bridges by washing windshields and selling food or drinks, but security has gotten severely strict that now they are not allowed to cross the borderline to work. 


Even though the Trump administration is working to put families back together, there are still many children that need to be reunited with their parents or legal guardians.  

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