My, my! How can you resist it?

July 24, 2018

If you have seen the first “Mamma Mia!” this is the time to save up your money to purchase a ticket to the sequel that leaves viewers in tears.


"Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" proved to be a huge success at the box-office, racking up $14 million on its opening day, almost twice as much  as "Mamma Mia!" made in 2008.



The movie “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” is a movie that doubles as a prequel and sequel using flashbacks to tell the story of young Donna Sheridan and how she met Bill, Harry and Sam, who are the three fathers of her daughter, when she first went to the island of Kalokairi in Greece.


When the movie is not in a flashback it shows Sophie, Donna’s daughter, 3 years later planning the re-opening of the hotel her mother owned.


Although it is tied to the original film, it is still enjoyable if you have yet to see the first movie.The film takes the viewer through an emotional roller coaster while transitioning between the past and the present.


The flashbacks start off very cheerful and upbeat throughout most of the movie, but the present time scenes start off slightly somber with Sophie and her husband Sky having some conflicts in their relationship.


In the present, we see Sophie trying to fulfill her mother’s dream to revitalize and reopen the hotel that Donna had envisioned. 


With the transitions between the past and present, we see parallels between the young mother and her daughter.


From moments of them walking through the hotel to the moment, they find out they’re pregnant. One mother, Azuri Gonzalez, who went to see the film with her daughter walked out crying.


“I think the transitions really tied the story together. I think the story tied in really nicely to have that mom and daughter connection, that’s why we’re crying,” said Gonzalez with tears in her eyes.


If you pay attention to the details in the movie you will recognize different places on the island from the first film and in several scenes, you can hear instrumental versions of songs from the original as background music.


These little details cannot be overlooked by fans of the film and add to the sense of nostalgia. Additionally, we can see in flashbacks, Donna writing in her diary which we know years later Sophie finds.


“I like that they kept some of the classic ABBA songs. There are plenty of new songs but its always nice to have the classics,” said Claudia Garcia.


Viewers couldn’t help but hum along or tap their feet to the classic songs such as ‘Dancing Queen’ and of course ‘Mamma Mia.’


Bringing some of the original songs into the new film gives moviegoers the opportunity to reminisce on the first time they saw the original film and gave audience members all smiles.


One thing many people can agree on is that the end leaves many with tears of joy. The film was a great watch from start to finish but trailers seemed to promise just a bit more than what was delivered.


After watching the previews for the movie one can assume Grandma Ruby Sheridan played by Cher was going to be important to the whole movie with her unexpected visit but the character only shows up near the end.


Her portrayal of the character was well done but left viewers wanting more. The film introduced us to new old characters and the casting cannot go unnoticed.


Lily James who plays young Donna really portrays the character well as an adventure lust woman and we get to see how she became the person that we all know and love from the first film. 


Many mother and daughter duos attended the movie and for one movie patron, Amanda Torres, it really hit home as she saw the movie with her mother. 


“I think what stood out the most is the beautiful relationship between a mother and her daughter. They were still close and the whole movie was based on that foundation,” said Torres. 


Overall, the movie was worth the watch and it is no wonder the film made $14 million on opening day which is more than the original film made on its opening day with $9.8 million.


The movie gives fans of the original a taste of the past, so it deserves a 4.5 out of 5 stars. The film brought many tears to the audience, whether it was tears of laughter and joy or tears of sadness, there were no dry eyes. 


If you find yourself on a Friday evening wondering what to do, now you have an idea.

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