Fortnite:Battle Royale is a fun-filled game for all

July 24, 2018

From skydiving off a flying bus to building forts, Fortnite: Battle Royale offers an enjoyable gameplay experience for all.


Fortnite: Battle Royale is a colorful, vibrant, battle-royale game. The player has the opportunity to choose the different locations and landmarks on an island they want to play in, such as “Tomato Town” and “Haunted Hills.”



Fortnite: Battle Royale can be played on the PS4, XboxOne, Nintendo Switch among many others.




The player can either battle solo or join a team of two or four players and up to 100 players can join for each round.


Once the player chooses the location they want to go to, the game then transports the players to the flying bus, in which they must eventually jump off of and skydive towards the direction of their location.


When the player is close enough to the ground, they must activate their parachute and land on the area of their choosing.


The main goal is to be the last player or team standing by either killing or somehow avoiding the other players- which it becomes harder to do throughout the course of the game.


During the game session, or round, players can explore the area and look for weapons and supplies to build their forts, but also must be aware of the constantly shrinking safe zone, known as the “eye of the storm.” 


Players who are outside of this safe zone will take damage to their health, and eventually die and lose if they do not return to the safe zone.


This also forces the surviving players closer, which increases the chances of them encountering and fighting each other.


To my surprise, the game is free to play and download. Players will need to pay if they want to get certain features, particularly referred to as cosmetic items.


They will be able to customize their character with clothing, character and weapon skins, and emotes- which are special moves or dances that your character can perform throughout the game when purchased.


That is all you would really need to pay for, and luckily, it is a feature that is entirely optional. I found the game to be really cool since I am the type of person who likes to play video games that are not too complicated. 


The visuals are mostly of great quality, the controls are not too hard to handle, and it can be quite entertaining once you get the hang of it.


It is rather interesting how the player can be creative when building their fort while still being able to use it when fighting against other players.It is the type of game that you can casually play with family and friends. 


I would also say that it is mostly kid-friendly, given that there is not any blood or gore. One can even say that the overall art style of the game is somewhat cartoonish.


While you do kill other players, it is never overly violent or graphic. However, I do feel like it is the type of game that is more enjoyable for younger players, since that is pretty much all the game has to offer: a battle royale.


Players who are into more mature or serious games, like “Assassin's Creed” or “God of War” might find the game to be boring in comparison for its simplicity and more light-hearted nature.



So, to conclude, I give this game an overall rating of 4 out 5. It may not be the absolute best of its kind, but it is still impressive considering that it is a free game



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