EPCC student headed to D.C. for workshop

July 24, 2018

An opportunity has been awarded to current Communications major and EPCC student, Denisse Najera, from the Chronicle of Higher Education in Washington D.C.


Come September 6-7, Najera, 19, will be headed on a travel-and-hotel expense paid trip to our Nation’s Capital where she will work one-on-one with mentors from the Chronicle and network with some journalism students of her generation.


Since 2016, the Chronicle of Higher Education, an online and print news outlet specialized for university students and faculty, have hosted annual “reporting workshops.” 


Denisse Najera, EPCC student and communications major.



These workshops are designed to give select students the skills needed to develop their own original news stories. 


This year marks the first time the Chronicle has opened the workshops to students on a national level. “EPCC got me this awesome opportunity, and I’m not going to let it go,” said Najera. 


After learning about outside negative perceptions about the Borderland in her mass media class, Najera chose to pitch a story about the future of immigration and the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals Act (DACA).


An idea which made Najera stand out from hundreds of competing applicants. “I realized that in El Paso we live in a huge bubble and we never realize how other people see us. So, I brought attention to how DACA is affecting us here,” said Najera. 


Najera has never been to Washington D.C before but has set goals that she wants to achieve while she is at the workshop. “My goal over there is to go ahead and see what they see in El Paso, their point of view. Then I can come back and compare that to the people that are actually living here,” explained Najera. 


Najera is currently planning to attend New Mexico State University in the fall to pursue her B.A in both Creative Media and Journalism. 


She is also very active outside of class, using her skills and talent to help Studio MF Fashion advertise over social media, create promotional videos for Sun City Pageants and assist pageant contestants with their “head shot” portraits.


Furthermore, Najera interns with Watch App, a online local application which seeks to centralize bakers, caterers, musicians, and other businesses involved with major social gatherings such as weddings and quinceneras.


Najera expects to see and hear a lot of misconceptions about the Borderland and borderland living itself.  
“I honestly think they feel it’s a lot worse than it is. I feel they don’t see the people that we have here, or their potential. They don’t actually see,” said Najera.  


The Chronicle of Higher Education reaches 51,000 academics with a total print circulation of 215,000 readers. In addition, they boast a high volume of online traffic with an estimated 12.8 million visitors monthly.


The Chronicle publishes weekly and currently employs 70 writers, editors, and international correspondents. In 2007, Erdos and Morgan ranked the Chronicle as one of the top ten most reliable news sources.


For more information about the Chronicle of Higher Education see their website at www.chronicle.com. 

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