Vampyr: A blood-sucking good time

July 10, 2018

Vampire games are a rare gem in the gaming market. The last great one came out fourteen years ago and nothing else has come close since. 


Vampyr, released June 5, can be played on the Xbox One, Play Station 4, and Microsoft Windows.




Vampyr is a game that has many flaws but comes out with a decent story and gameplay. The story starts off a year after WWI in London. You play as a doctor named Johnathan Reid. 


He is trying to get home one night when he gets “turned” by a vampire. Left for dead, he uses his newfound powers to save London from an epidemic worse than the Spanish Flu and figured out why he was turned in the first place. 


Like any other Role-Playing game (RPG), the story is split between the main and side quests. I liked to go with the side quests in these types of games because it brings out so much of the world. 


What the game does is that you must actively talk to every Non-Player Character (NPC) to get information on a quest and how to make it easier. 


I like the way that it encourages the player to explore and find more options than just following the quest marker and complete the game without knowing some of the lore. 


Gameplay is decent with flaws. The game has a fighting system that is renascent of Bloodborne with dodge mechanics, off-hand weapons that can stun enemies for filling the blood meter and using said meter to perform various powerful magic and special attacks. 


The fighting system could be better as there are areas that get repetitive and enemies repeat themselves outside of boss fights. 


One special mechanic that the game was sold on was the ability to play the game without killing an NPC. In the game, you have a choice to heal the various NPCs you talk to of their afflictions or sink your teeth into their necks. 


Killing them does give you a major boost of XP and healing them gives you a lesser amount. Doing either or has a bigger impact on the neighboring districts as killing them lowers the number of healthy people, bringing in disease and stronger enemies to that district while healing has the opposite effect. 


This is also tied to what ending you can get. One thing I like to note that it is possible to not kill NPCs by just fighting the enemies and can a good amount of XP.


I give this game a 3.5 out of 5. The game is decent for what it is and the story is interesting enough to keep me going, yet the gameplay makes me want to put it down for a bit. 


If it was more polished and the enemies were more diverse, then the rating would be higher. I suggest Vampyr to be played at a discount, borrowed from a friend, or rented from Gamefly. 


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