The First Purge makes light of the Holocaust

July 10, 2018

For an instant while watching "The First Purge", I thought I was seeing Black Panther once again. One of the main characters Dmitri (Y’ian Noel) seems like he could fight T’challa from Black Panther.


Lex Scott Davis as "Nya" in "The First Purge", the fourth installment to "The Purge" film series.



Additonally, in some of the scenes, they even used weapons like a superhero uses their shields. The acting was balanced, even though it is an action and horror movie, some scenes had characters that had a funny script and others were more serious.


The cloudy setting in one of the scenes perfectly alludes to the fact that a catastrophe is about to happen which ends up being the purge itself.   


I did not agree with one of the costumes that one of the characters was wearing in a scene where they had sent an army of people to exterminate people hiding in an apartment building.


The “commander,” or the one in charge of that group, was wearing a Heer Nazi general uniform. In my opinion, this movie was a resemblance of the genocide that happened to the Jewish community in Nazi Germany during World War II. 


The movie contained a government attacking its own people, in this case, it was the poor communities, much like in the Holocaust. I do not think we need to give ideas like “The Purge” to today’s society.


Especially with all the killings and shootings that have been occurring. Even though it is only a movie and some of the things might be fictional, people do not always understand that. 


The last thing we need is for people to believe that they can purge too. The rating that I give "The First Purge" is two out of five stars.

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