Tejanos all geared up for upcoming season

July 10, 2018

The EPCC Tejanos held baseball tryouts this summer and the team has high hopes for improvement in the coming season. 



After holding tryouts in June, EPCC's Tejanos baseball team is ready to take on the upcoming season after seeing improvements over the summer.




The open tryouts were held at Valle Verde campus on June 22. An open tryout session means that EPCC students and aspiring baseball players can participate. 


Of the forty plus athletes that participated a couple of them were from Columbia. These international athletes that participated will first receive a call from the Tejanos if they have been selected to join the team. 


These international athletes will then have to go through the international student program to be legitimized as actual student-athletes in order to participate in the sport. 


The baseball program also seeks its talent here at home. All of the high schools in the El Paso area are contacted via email to invite young athletes to participate in the tryout process. 


The Tejanos do not limit themselves to select schools and would like to retain local talent throughout the borderland that will take pride in playing for their hometown. 


Baseball tryouts consist of a variety of sport-related events and a speed test. The “60-yard dash” tests the athletes’ speed. A good speed for this event is to run faster than 6.7 seconds. 


Outfielders and infielders are scouted on arm strength, quick hands and quick feet. Catchers are scouted for how quickly they can catch and throw the ball to second base—this is called the “pop time”. 


In the batting event scouts want to see who can hit the ball consistently in a given amount of swings. Pitching is evaluated last. Pitchers are scouted on their throwing mechanics, accuracy, ball speed and types of throws. 


Pitching is the most intricate position and therefore the hardest to scout and fill. This also happens to be the position that the Tejanos were most interested in scouting. 


During the tryouts, athletes were recorded at a throwing speed of 90 mph. This is a great speed, however, the desired speed would be 95 mph or more at the collegiate level. 


Head Baseball Coach, Cesar Romero, is happy and satisfied with the 2018 summer tryouts. The goal was to find athletes that can compete in a tough division. 


Coach Romero said, “Athletes with character, [who are] coachable and [have] a will to learn,” will produce a great team in the coming season. 


The Tejanos have recorded improvements in home runs this past season, from 10-11 home runs to 50 plus home runs. 


The team has also seen improvements in fan support. The stands have been filled with supporters from the Financial Aid Building to the Athletic Department. 


For more information on the Tejano baseball program and its upcoming season head to the EPCC homepage and search athletics. 



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