Significance of Absurdity: Part III

July 10, 2018

In this game is the making of a sort of tornado. A tornado similar to the one in the “Wizard of Oz” that made things confusing, displaced, fatal and chaotic. 


To help the imagination with the effects of this tornado we can refer to nations who fight other nations, racial conflict, social economic casts and other forms of division and conflict. 


Within this hectic tornado is the degradation of significance, the degradation of insignificance, the degradation of individualism and the degradation of fulfillment. 


All of the above permeated by a heap of manipulative tools: media, education, law and medicine. 


Essentially speaking, social constructions which are a set of extremely complex means to reinforce the position of the powerful. 


Despite the tornado and the majority of people subscribing to the affluent and powerful agenda, one’s significance is up to the individual. 


In fact, the best fitting solution is for one to find, fight and live his or her significance and insignificance.


To do this is a gain for a type of effective human interaction that we will now call humanism. 


Humanism happens to be the foundation of what is our current reality whether we acknowledge it or not. 

Humanism is our current reality because if you boil down any ideal, culture, entity or system you will see that the intent of these is for THEIR definition of what is good for humanity. 


This is not to say that any one entity is right or wrong, this is to say that the intent of some entities is rooted in their own vision of what humanity can be. 


Humanism as a concept has multiple definitions depending on the set of beliefs that apply to each group. 
Some of these groups are Christian Humanism, Secular Humanism, Philosophical Humanism and Western Cultural Humanism. 


Most entities will not claim to have humanistic principles, but one look at their fundamental principles and you can see that their intent is to move a portion of the human population in a direction that they deem valid. 


However, something paramount to all of this precedes significance and insignificance through human interaction. 


Something inherent in being human—feelings. Up to this point, it can be observed that my address has been somewhat stoic, practical and pragmatic.


Although, that is a naive narrative to take when discussing existence which is a complex dynamic. All of us humans will exhibit some form of feelings—which we will call emotions now. 


Nothing is more conscious and human then emotions—animosity, hate, anguish, anger, joy and love to name a few of the most powerful of emotions. 


No human has ever experienced their potential until their emotions have been aroused and manifested in some kind of way, whether it be hate or the polar opposite, love.


Emotions will cause a person to manifest minimal or optimal action through the release of brain chemicals. 


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