Espinoza named June employee of the month

July 10, 2018

Without professors, staff and students, no school can succeed. As an ecosystem of its own, professors are the driving force behind students, and one such professor has especially contributed to the EPCC ecosystem; Dr. Jose Espinoza. 


Espinoza was born in Mexico and developed a love for Math early in his life.  “I think my family had to do a lot with me pursuing this pathway in my life. I am the 4th person in the family that has math in their profession so it was a big thing for all of us,” Espinoza explained. 


Earning a Bachelors, then a Masters and later a Doctorate in math, the subject became more than just his profession, it became a passion. 


“I really enjoy researching, thinking straight with math, it wasn’t always that way, I never imagined getting this far, but because I enjoyed it and looking at the straightforward direction math and its problem are, it has taken me far,” Espinoza said. 


Espinoza received the Employee of the Semester Award for his improvement and his dedication to teaching. 


“I started to teach here at EPCC about a year ago, and ever since I have been able to teach Stats, Pre-Calculus and Calculus 1. Whenever I teach, I always try to adapt to my students, being able to help them succeed is my top priority and I wish that my students weren’t afraid to come to my office and ask me questions. We as a college, we are a community. The faculty, staff and student body are a community and as a community, we need to grow and be together, academic or not,” Espinoza shared.


Dr. Espinoza, EPCC Mathematics professor.



Espinoza looks at math problems from more of a head on perspective rather than trying to find the easy route.


“Math is science, and there is always a forward way to solve problems. I want students who are doing good in math, why do you think you’re doing good? Critically think, why am I able to see a problem the way I see it, and how I can get the answer. Once a student understands why they are doing good, that’s when they are tapping into their potential,” Dr. Espinoza said.


Espinoza also understands that not everybody does well in math. His main goal is for his students to know that it is okay for them to come to his office for help. 


“We are here to help you students, and even though some things might not work for all students, working with your instructor will help you,” Espinoza stressed.


He wants to make math fun for his students not harder. Success for the students is what it is all about for Espinoza and he believes that “we all started with problems, but keep trying, and don’t give up.” 


Dr. Espinoza will be teaching during the fall semester. EPCC Valle Verde campus offers math tutoring, Student Support Services Program (S.S.S.P.) located in Room A1405 and the Math Center Room 1419.


Operation hours differ during fall, spring and summer semesters. 


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