Commuting to Mission del Paso just got easier

 EPCC Physical Plant is happy to announce that both Nuevo Hueco Tanks Road and the access road that connects it to the Mission del Paso Campus opened up to the public on June 29 at 4:30 p.m.  


Nuevo Heuco Tanks road opened up to the public on June 29, in far East El Paso.



Now commuters coming from Socorro are able to access Interstate 10 immediately rather than using the previous arterial north to south route. 


The route alleviates traffic on North Loop and Americas Avenue making travel time shorter and road conditions safer.


Surprisingly, the road was finished at a $9 million expense verses the expected $12 million cost, which is 25 percent under budget.


The new road also has cycling lanes on both sides which is perfect for students who use their bikes and skateboards as transportation to and from campus. 


The newly constructed road was delayed from being opened after it was completed as a result of a few logistical obstacles that needed to be resolved so that both roads could pass inspection. 


After the obstacles were resolved and the last required inspections were finalized, the road was opened for the public to utilize and enjoy. Now students, faculty and staff’s commute to the Mission del Paso campus is a much easier one. 


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