Yes it's incredible, too!

June 28, 2018

In 2004, The Incredibles director, Brad Bird, introduced us to the Parr family, also known by their superhero name The Incredibles. 


I was still an eight-year-old elementary school student when the first film hit theaters, and 14 years later 

they are back fighting crime in Metroville.




So why the over decade-long wait? According to an  interview/question and answer, Bird mentioned that he did not want the film to be what he calls a ‘cash grab’ in which he believes some sequels are referred to and decided to put the second movie on standby. 


The cast of Incredibles 2 is the same as the first one with Craig T. Nelson as Bob “Mr. Incredible” Parr, Holly Hunt as Helen “Mrs. Incredible” Parr, Spencer Fox as Dashiel “Dash” Parr, Sarah Vowell as Violet Parr, Eli Fucile as Jack-Jack, Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone and the Director, Brad Bird, as Edna Mode.

The total duration of the film is 1 hour and 58 minutes. Since its release on June 14, the film has surpassed the box office record for the largest opening day ever for an animated film according to


It looks to continue smashing and dominating records while it is in theaters. Getting to the juicer parts of the movie, I have to say the animation was incredible (no pun intended).


The differences in animation can be detected right away as soon as you see any of the characters appear on the screen. 


The antagonist in the film is known as Screenslaver and that is all I will mention because even just a small description of the character could spoil the movie.


Other than Screenslaver there are not any other antagonists that make an appearance throughout the film. The story flowed smoothly and stayed connected from beginning to end. That is the one thing that makes a movie good, not allowing the audience to get lost.


The audience at the showing I went to was extremely quiet, but also very small. The time of the showing was at 11:45 p.m. on Father’s Day so that probably had something to do with the low turnout.


The people I managed to see from the light of the screen in the dark theater looked to be about my age, which was expected because it is a film that people who are currently in their twenties grew up watching as young kids. 


In closing, I have no negative comments about the film. Brad Bird outdid himself and he deserves major credit as does the rest of the actors, directors, producers etc. who spent endless time working on this sequel. 


My final rating is a 5 out 5 stars, but if I had the opportunity to give an even higher rating I would because it is just that good.

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