Top five benefits of joining intramural sports

June 28, 2018

When intramural sports programs were introduced in 1913 the intent was to create competition and local recreation activities for college campuses.


The intramural sports program fosters healthy options for students, faculty, and staff by offering numerous physical activities where all college persons can participate regardless of their athletic ability.


At the same time, the activities help students avoid things like smoking, drinking, drug use and any stagnant pastimes. 


Intramural sports mean that activities are exclusively conducted within the college and participants are enrolled students or hired staff and faculty.


This type of environment enriches the interactions and relationships across the campus which is part of the purpose of the program.


Another purpose of the program is to promote a safe and organized environment to become and stay healthy. The overall benefits are an enhanced college community via organized physical activities. 


Here are the Top 5 Benefits of participating in intramural sports:


Healthy Lifestyle. College is very demanding on the mind and time of the students and staff. Sometimes our physical health gets neglected due to these demands. Intramural activities can be placed into your school schedule. These activities are likely to be team oriented which means you won’t have to get fit alone. Which leads to the next benefit. 


Meet new people. You are going to be seeing some familiar faces throughout your college experience. Intramural sports activities are a great way to get to know those familiar and unfamiliar faces. Having an organized environment to meet new people adds to the overall college experience. 


School spirit. As you improve your health and meet new people you start to develop a sense of pride in your college. A place where you are learning, improving yourself, and making new friends. You can’t help but love a place like that. 


Stress relief. Maybe some weight lifting, tai chi, or running will help you relieve some of the stresses of your workload. Detaching from school work for physical activity increases your endorphin levels which help improve your mood. You can return to your school work with more energy. 


Have fun. Intramural sports programs are not the high demanding programs of the varsity intercollege level; however, it is an organized program for participants to get out of the groove of books and classrooms and into some healthy fun.


A variety of sports activities are made available at El Paso Community College throughout the summer sessions. Alex Saucedo who is part of the gym staff here at EPCC spends Saturday mornings setting up a gymnastics course for kids ages 4-6. 


That’s right, programs are available for the youth as well. The courses are available through EPCC’s summer 2018 class schedule which includes classes like Zumba, journey to wellness, fitness and martial arts. Browse the summer class schedule, grab your sports-wear, and get active.

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