Higher education ensures success

June 28, 2018

In today’s society, people go off to college for many reasons. These reasons can vary from wanting to be the first in their family to do so or go as far as to achieve the dream career they have always wanted.

It is hard to pinpoint exactly why people go off to college and university, but it can mostly be linked to the need to provide a financial security for oneself.  


One of the most basic reasons is that a degree is required to be hired at even the most basic jobs. 


People with only a high school diploma or a GED usually can only obtain low paying jobs.


Most people prefer a higher paying job to secure their future as well as the future of a potential family. 
This idea is prevalent all around the world which in turn makes people scared what their future may hold if they do not go off to college, especially in places with higher costs of living. 


My friends and I have noticed that even the most basic college degrees are not satisfying enough to gain your dream career, but rather you practically need a doctorate to even begin your career. 


With this idea in place, it is hard not to go to college or university because no one wants to be stuck in a situation where they cannot provide for themselves.


This ideal has been so planted in the minds of college students that for many, this is their main reason to continue onto post secondary school. 


Universities and colleges offer some amazing opportunities such as internships and other programs which help people find high-paying jobs following graduation. 


These programs help in decreasing unemployment rates and help people establish a career for themselves, so they can be a growing part of society. 


Lifelong friends are usually made in college and are the people who stick around for a long time. This could be great for some if they surround themselves with great people or bad if they surround themselves with bad people. 


People also attend university for other reasons such as having a general interest in knowledge, to be certified in a career they love or to be the first in their family to participate in college or university.                


In conclusion, I believe that young people choose to enroll in college and university mostly to secure their financial future.


Without a degree, it is much harder to ensure the best future for one’s self because many jobs require no less than a bachelors degree. 


This is because a university degree is a prerequisite for employment currently, and because when universities provide students with valuable opportunities they are also providing students the best shot at having everything they want from life outside of college.  

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