Go figure, Math = fun

June 28, 2018

El Paso Community College along with the Prudential Foundation is offering teenagers the opportunity to attend a math camp this summer.



The Math In Directions Explorers (M.I.N.D.E.) offers various team activities, talks with math professionals and explores math-related fields.




Teens that would like an excuse to get rid of the summer blues, or even better, to get out of doing chores this summer, then this innovative math camp is the place to be.  


The Math In New Directions Explorers (M.I.N.D.E.) camp is a math-based camp for high school students, particularly juniors and seniors, who are interested in pursuing further knowledge in the field of math.


“[Camp participants] will be able to have fun and learn math without realizing they are learning.” said Assistant coordinator Courtney Kesler. 


At the camp, students can expect to do various team building activities, talk to math professionals and explore math-related fields. 


Kesler adds that “it is a free camp with breakfast and lunch provided.” The camp is accommodating to food allergies and students can fill out a section of the application packet pertaining to any type of allergies including but not limited to tree-nuts, latex and fruits. 


The only requirement is that any student interested in the camp must have previously taken at least one upper-level math course and must provide proof. Once the camp begins, you will not need to bring any supplies, Kesler says “just show up and have fun.”


Unfortunately, transportation will not be provided for those students who can not drive or have no ride so separate accommodations will have to be made. 


The deadline for applications is June 22, but if the deadline cannot be met, do not fret. The camp coordinators will still take applications in July.


The camp takes place from July 16 to July 20 and begins at 9 a.m. through 3 p.m. at the ASC Building. So now you actually do have an excuse to get out of doing chores.


For more information about the math camp, contact the Project Coordinator Margie Nelson Rodriguez at mnelson9@epcc.edu or call (915)-831-6475 or you can contact the Assistant Coordinator Courtney Kesler at (915)-831-6644.

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