Book lessons vs life lessons

June 28, 2018

It is said “not everything learned is contained in books,” human experience and how to “live life right” is something that must be learned, taught or read about for yourself.


Those who are older give those who are younger “life advice” that does come from experience, but the experience of a completely different person.


There is no such thing as a handbook for living life, no matter how many authors try to write one. 


The effect of life experiences such as losing a loved one, a breakup, losing a job, not being able to follow a dream, or even being homeless cannot be mended, nor solved from just reading a simple book. 


Yes, there are books on “the grieving process,” “how to get over him or her,” and “how to land an interview,” but there are not any books on “how to stop wanting that loved one alive and by your side,” “how to erase all the memories,” or “how to support your family while you look for a job.” 


How to solve these deep emotional dilemmas is learned through living them and getting yourself through them with minimal outside help.


Speaking to others is a great way to cope and figure out where to start, but what that person did exactly will not work for you.  


For example, I have a friend who lost her dad about two years ago, which strongly affected her and caused her to enter a depression. 


She read multiple books on the grieving process and said that they did help her wrap her head around why she was feeling the way she was feeling and that it was normal. 


The one thing those books did not do was ease the pain she feels every day in her heart. They did not tell her how to stop being sad and how to think positively about what happened.


They did not provide the comfort and support that she needed. Yes, they helped her understand but they did not teach her how to go on day by day without her father. 


Books are viewed as the ultimate source for not only any information but for accurate information. Society holds them at such high standard, but it is not realized that humans write those books, so that means the books are not superior to our knowledge, they merely house our knowledge. 


Learning from people, who have lived similar experiences as you, is the best source to seek knowledge. Books are here to preserve society’s knowledge and teach subjects that are proven or tell stories that are make-believe or real. 


Each and every person on this Earth handles situations in completely different ways, and it is up to the individual to learn how to get through the tough times on their own.


People cannot find who they are within the contents of a book, they discover themselves through living out life’s experiences.  


So yes, I agree that not everything that is learned is contained in books because books cannot tell you how to live your life and what the best decisions are. 


It is up to you to find out those answers yourself and learn from them. The biggest thing to remember is that time keeps on going no matter what and you cannot stop it. 

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