God of War delivers a righteous punch

June 13, 2018


Like movies, games have been reviving once-dead series that did not seem like they were going to come back. The God of War video game is something that I did not think would come back or be very good in the first place, but that is where my views changed.



Playstation's newest addition to their "God of War" games was released on April 20




The new God of War is something that is a breath of fresh air that I feel is needed in the AAA gaming market, but not without its troubles. The game starts off with Kratos chopping down a tree with a handprint on it.


It feels like a sentimental gesture which is confirmed when we see it being used to burn the corpse of his wife, while his son watches. The type of ceremony is a Viking funeral that gives the location of the game being in the Viking lands. 


The story continues with the simple plot of Kratos taking his son to bring the ashes of his wife to the highest point in the land which becomes more complex as the game progresses. The gameplay is different than the rest of the series. Kratos’ arsenal and combos are fewer and more streamlined.


The camera is over-the-shoulder and no longer fixed in angles. There is a light crafting and RPG (role-playing game) system when it comes to the various equipment parts and skill system with Kratos and his son.


The streamlined combat is enjoyable, but the over-the-shoulder camera can be a bit jarring with the motion blur especially while trying to do puzzles. The graphics are stunning, with each level being given a detailed brush through the journey of Norse mythology and the Nine Worlds. 


My personal favorite is the main hub as the texture of the lake is the prettiest in the game. The colors are very vibrant with little gray or dull colors.


 Among the storyline, you have side quests and lore collectibles which expand more on the story. Many of the collectibles cannot be reached without a specific upgrade or doing a puzzle so backtracking is a must in certain areas.


This goes for side quests too as others would fetch quests to running a gauntlet of enemies to get the quest done. The side quests have their own levels to them so early fights can be very difficult to prepare the player for the steep rise in level.


Speaking of difficulty, there is not much to say about it. Each difficulty seems to merely increase the damage and durability of the enemies and bosses that you will face. 


While this may give people a fun challenge, it only prolongs fights that do not need to be. The best difficulty to go with is the “Give me a Challenge” mode, which is hard mode and does give you a good challenge. 


The game gets a 4.8 out of 5 for being a solid game. There are a few minor problems but they do not take away from the overall experience of the game. 



God of War is a fun experience with many tasks to do and is a must-buy for anyone wanting to get some play time in this summer. 

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