Significance of Absurdity

May 10, 2018


Human kind is either significant, insignificant or both. How one wrestles with this concept will determine their perception.


What proceeds perception is a sequence consisting of a purpose and the treatment and quality of their existence. And yes, it is a wrestle because one’s perspective is to be gained or lost, improved or sustained and ultimately determines how one chooses to see themselves in a constantly evolving world.


The fight occurs between the physical and metaphysical facets and the mental and the illusory facets, to include variations and degrees of each of those facets.


As many of us may already know, the conflict of defining one’s purpose can be arduous and elusive. However, the concept I’m presenting suggests that this conflict is integral in establishing a definition while periodically dissolving that same definition in order to establish new ones.


Right now you’re probably thinking this is absurd. Despite your quickness to dismiss this concept, I urge you to read on and embrace a justification for absurdity.


Within this conflict of feeling significant, insignificant or both, the conclusion will be submission or persistence.


Submission concludes in subscribing to illusions and abstractions. More specifically, submission to the affluent, prominent and dominant options available. One has decided to no longer fight resulting in forfeiture of individualism and volition within existence.


This conclusion produces apathy towards existence; relative to nihilism. It may in some cases make one forfeit their significance entirely. One’s unique dreams, desires, and interests are replaced with socially validating standards. The result is misery because you have to live with being unfulfilled. 


Persistence concludes in a cycle of fighting for control, protecting individualism and lastly, will power over one’s continuously evolving perspective. I would like to interject the concept of Nietzsche’s Ubermensch or “Overman” state, not as a linear goal but a continuous cycle of enhancing one’s perception by dissolving old ones for new ones.


I’ve come to this conclusion because of a law in nature that no species or substance is above. This is the law of evolution or change. Despite human kind’s persistence to manipulate this law, we are no exception.


In fact, it is my belief that adherence to this law while enhancing our perception of this universe is our ultimate purpose.


By adhering we are in a constant fight, the fight is for evolution to the highest perspective of and within this law.


To rise to significance and back to insignificance, mutually and reciprocally. In my next article I will expound on equating significance and insignificance on an individual basis.

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