EPCC cat food and supply drive at VV and ASC

May 1, 2018

 The AWCC (Association of Women in the Community College) is sponsoring a Cat Food and Supply Drive to help the large feral cat population in our community.


“AWCC takes on a community service project each year,” Reyna Muñoz, AWCC President said.“This year, we decided to help with our large cat population particularly at Valle Verde and the Administrative Services Center.”




Items that can be donated include dry food, wet food, pee pads, lysine and straw. Donations are accepted at any time in the semester. 



In this association, they do different activities such as fundraising, workshops, monthly books discussions and general sessions.

“Our main purpose is to provide professional opportunities for women and students. But also, for anyone in the college,” AWCC Treasurer and Member, Margie Nelson Rodriguez said.

“We have a lot of male members too. We get together and have a lot of fun but we also focus on scholarships, fundraisers and helping community organization.” 

Rodriguez is also the one who suggested the idea of the Cat Food and Supply Drive and is currently leading this cause along with other AWCC members. 

“I feel very strongly that we can take much better care of our cats,” Rodriguez explained.The drive is also meant to help Sun City Cats which is a local Trap-Neuter-Return organization. 

“We wanted to help Sun City Cats, they’re a great organization that’s not really well known,” said Rodriguez. “They help all the feral or free-roaming cats we have in the city.” 

Rodriguez explained that they trap feral cats to neuter them and get them spayed. This is done so that there are less feral cats in the future and increase the likelihood of cats having a home or being adopted.

 Once they are spayed the cats are released. “It is a growing issue in our community and at our college but it doesn’t have to be if we all work together,” Muñoz said. 

Muñoz stated that while the ARCC is already doing excellent by helping out they are still in need of aid with donations. 

The drive began in the Fall 2017 and the AWCC initially decided to accept donations up until the Summer of 2018. 

However, because of the high demand, they are considering making the drive an ongoing event. “The cat population is very high and even though there is some control now, we still need all the help we can get,” Muñoz explained. 


The items that are needed for this cause are: dry food, wet food, pee pads, lysine and straw.The items can be taken to any of the AWCC members.


Several of the drop-off locations are faculty offices, so anyone interested in dropping off donations are advised to call or email AWCC Board members in advance to make sure that they are available.

A list of the AWCC Board members are on the following webpage and it includes their contact information and the EPCC campus they are located at : http://www.epcc.edu/awcc/Pages/default.aspx

For more information or inquiries, you may contact AWCC President Reyna Muñoz at (915) 831-4079 or email her at rmuno127@epcc.edu. 



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