Tejano Passport Program engages students

April 24, 2018

As students continue to burn away hours at the library studying, not to mention personal responsibilities, a lot of college students forget to have fun and relax. 

One way to counter that is the EPCC Tejano Passport Program. 

The Program is open to all students, faculty and staff.Enrolling also automatically enrolls you into the program. 
Students receive points for almost every event they attend in El Paso. 

Just ask an event coordinator for a QR code and scan it with Snapchat or other scanner app.
You can log in with your EPCC username and password.

The program revolves around three types of events: special, ongoing and volunteer.

Five points are awarded for special and ongoing events while 10 points count for volunteer work. 
Once a student has reached 75 points, they receive a silver medallion. 

A hundred points and they earn a gold medallion. Students will receive these medallions once they graduate.

 Tejano Program points are rolled over to the following semester until the student transfers or graduates. 

One student in particular, Virginia Bisiaux, has redefined what participation means. Bisiaux attends the Valle Verde campus and started collecting points in Fall 2016. Thus far, she has earned 1500 points. 

“I love participating, you could say I am a professional volunteer,” Bisiaux said. She is graduating this semester with an associate’s degree in Geological Science. 

“I enjoy learning, exploring and participating. I enjoy being a part of the community. I encourage my fellow students to participate in this program. 

Besides having a cool medallion, if a student is transferring or applying to a scholarship, universities see this as participation. That’s what they want, a student who participates and is involved in their community. It is a win-win situation.”

For a list of all Tejano Passport program events visit epcc.edu/qep.  


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