Framing the narrative around facts

April 24, 2018


In a post 9/11 world, coming of age takes many unexpected turns. 

I remember that moment I first started ingesting conspiracy videos online. 

The self-righteous ego of mine multiplied in size as the “realizations” filled me with a sense of insightful entitlement.

Somewhere along the line something changed and the theories went from fluoride and lead in pipeline runoff water to chemtrails and the federal reserve to pizza, “child-sex-labor trade” gate and child crisis actors.

The fear transferred from corporations and powerful entities to fear of the youth or fear in the future. 

Recent events sparked a nationwide conversation about gun reform and school safely. 

While some have contributed to the conversation, a certain portion of the population have retreated to their usual bullet points when attempting to frame the conversation. 

Instead of addressing the issue, they change what the question is about.

Frequent talking points include comparing guns to cars and how cars kill people, ignoring the fact that cars weren’t made to kill people.

Another would be that they need them to hunt and for other sports, again ignoring the redundancy of automatic weapons in these activities. 

Still, the most popular would be the assertion that it is there God given right, if not their American right, to own a gun. 

Regardless of the fact that the Second Amendment never guarantees the right for individual ownership but rather, promotes a well-regulated militia.

Remembering that the aforementioned amendment is the only one that contains the word ‘regulated,’ should be enough evidence for the reform to commence. 

Yet, we still digress in the conversation or rather, the NRA does, along with leaders of the current political party running the Executive and Legislative branches.

Even leading voices of the right, like Steven Crowder, Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro are masters in framing the national conversation. 

Going back to the Parkland kids, Steven Crowder spun the motives of the victims by drawing parallels to Hitler while insinuating the kids were “bullies,” in their goal of reasonable gun reform.

Avoiding the problem that Crowder, who runs the popular Louder with Crowder site, advocates the idea that Hitler was a socialist (even though he abandoned all social programs promised during his campaign the moment he gained power).

 He walked on eggshells around the irony that he becomes the bully when he begins comparing a minor to Hitler for political clout.

Ben Shapiro, along with the NRA, has been restlessly avoiding releasing the identity of recent mass shooters. 

Allegedly, because of the statistical probability of their being Caucasian and instead abandon this practice with the recent YouTube shooter due to her race. 

Continuing from this, the NRA always speaks about the problems in restricting gun ownership. 

However, when Philando Castile, a registered gun owner, was gunned down after a routine stop, they took almost two months to mention anything about it, which later deterred to defying his image.

If the left cannot have a discussion with the right then the conversation will never move forward. 

So, what is the next step from here? The left must adopt the tactics of the right and frame their response back to the main focus of the conversation. 

Instead of chanting Black lives matter after their response of all lives matter it should be, stop and frisk is not the answer. 

Police officers should give benefit of the doubt, evil is not in every black and brown kids route or something catchy.

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