Escape the Fate's sixth album lacks lyrical genius

April 24, 2018

Escape The Fate’s sixth studio album, I Am Human After, was initially planned to release this February.

It was pushed back to March 31 and is now officially released. On this release, the band explores more of their already established sound with simple but catchy riffs, soaring guitar solos and unfortunately, less than subpar lyrics.



Escape The Fate are having a free show  at the Speaking Rock

Entertainment Center as part of the “I Am Human” tour on May 19.



(Especially for Escape The Fate’s standards as they have never really been known for their lyricism.)

While their previous release “Hate Me” featured heavier tracks, “I Am Human” scales back on the heavy sound in favor of a more hard rock sound, featuring “Digging My Own Grave” as the only metal core sounding song on the album containing their classic sound, reminiscent “This War Is Ours” days.


It is because of this that the album may alienate fans. 

“I Am Human” opens up with “Beautifully Tragic,” a good album opener that is a fair indicator of the album’s overall sound. 

The song opens up with a short but melodic guitar segment then leads into Craig’s vocals which complement the simple background guitar riffs, which in turn, leads into a catchy chorus.

Skipping ahead, “I Will Make It Up To You” is peculiar and sounds like the bands previous material such as ‘Dying Is Your Latest Fashion.” Those were the days when Ronnie Radke was still their vocalist as opposed to Craig Mabbitt. 

The song can easily work as an anthem for the band within their live shows that is sure to drive some people to tears while singing along. 

This song features better lyrics even if some songs on the album contradict the message of the song being to love yourself as you are.

“Recipe For Disaster,” maintains heavy but catchy Escape The Fate sound.


The song features a creepy sounding synth with guitar riffs and a chorus reminiscent of their self-titled LP days and songs such as “Gorgeous Nightmare” and “City Of Sin.” 

The song also contains a currently unknown featured artists who lends his vocals perfectly to the creepy sound of the song.


Next is “Digging My Own Grave” which is pretty much the heavy song of the album along the lines of “Ungrateful” and “Just A Memory.” Craig’s screams are just as brutal as they always have been, reminiscent of his side project “The Dead Rabbits.” 

The song also features a dark sounding bridge with Craig creepily singing along with a choir singing “The devil whispers to me, I’ll never be saved, the shovel pushes deeper and deeper, I’m digging my own grave.” 

This repeats, until Craig finally screams the lyrics adding so much more emotion and power to such dark lyrics. The song is definitely classic Escape The Fate at its finest. 

“Resistance” is another classic song with a catchy vocal melody that sounds very ‘80s and leads into an explosive chorus with Craig singing “This is our resistance, raise your flame and burn every germ in this system, this is your downfall, this is our resistance, we’re breaking down the wall.” 

The guitar work in the song is pretty simple but complements Craig’s vocal melodies nicely.Overall, “I Am Human” is a good addition to the band’s discography containing some gems along the way as well as some that don’t quite hit the mark. 

I give this Escape The Fate album 3 out of 5 stars because of lack of diversity within the lyrics as they mostly dealt with relationship problems and the subject does get old after a few listens. 

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