Puente Club focuses on El Paso's community

April 17, 2018

The opportunity to make a positive impact in your life and many others is only a few cans of food away.

 EPCC’s Puente Club is hosting a canned food donation for the Veterans Non-Profit Pantry and for the Tejano Food Pantry.




To donate, contact Yasmin Ramirez at 915-831-2512 or yramir31@epcc.edu.


Food donations will be accepted up until the end of the spring semester.

The Puente Club is a student driven organization and just last semester, the club made donations to a local animal shelter, giving food and other necessities.

 This semester, they decided they should do something that everyone could get in on.

On the surface, veterans and students don’t have much in common, however they could both use a helping hand.

Yasmin Ramirez, English instructor and advisor of the Puente Club explains, “We look at the news, there’s always issues with veterans, healthcare and veteran benefits. Just this weekend I saw that 30% of college students can’t afford to eat but we don’t think about that.”


By providing donations to veterans and EPCC students, the club is pushing for community awareness which is  something that seems to be increasingly ignored.

“With the canned food drive, it gave us a chance to give back to the community and an opportunity to help out the school,” Samantha Escandon, Film major, said.

It’s easy for most people to look past another flyer asking for donations to “some organization” but in today’s world, it’s easy to forget that even small contributions can make a massive difference.

Some may be surprised how addicting the feeling of contribution truly is.

“Last semester when we took all the pet stuff, we left very elated like, ‘that felt really good.’

I think that sense of community and contribution is good for the students,” Ramirez continued. Kina Pando, Nursing major, also feels that, “It’s one of those things where if I win, you win. Since we live in El Paso, we are a border town.


We are like a sister city to Juarez as it is, so it’s a part of our atmosphere that we try to help everyone as much as we can.”

The Puente Club will be collecting can food donations of all kinds until the week before finals.

 The donations will be split 50/50, giving half to the food pantry and half to the veteran’s organization.
You can make donations in room A2414 at the Valle Verde Campus. 


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