Slutever is a fetish that everyone will atune to

April 10, 2018


I would like to go on record and say that Vice/Viceland is the holy grail of all channels. It is both educational and super entertaining. 

I’m not going to lie though, some of the topics they touch on can seriously make you cringe. All of this is true in Viceland’s first season  of “Slutever.” 



Karley Sciortino can be seen in  her new series Slutever, which tackles taboo subjects and situations on Viceland or on YouTube.

The show follows sex writer, Karley Sciortino, as she uncovers and challenges outdated thinking of female sexuality and this thing called love.

The season premiered back in January but you can find all episodes on YouTube or Viceland’s website. 
Some topics discussed are sex dolls, weird sex traditions in foreign countries, pleasure companies for the disabled, BDSM abduction fetishes, Mormons, strippers and porn. 

Everything is essentially taboo or hush hush in everyday situations and that’s exactly why Sciortino is bringing these conversations to light.

I love the concept behind the show because everyone already has their opinion about porn stars, strippers and other types of sex workers, myself included, but at the end of an episode you might adjust your judgement. 

Sciortino starts off by giving us a general background of each topic and throughout the episode she interviews and visits the office of experts/participants. The honesty of each and every person is admirable. 

They’re all so open with their knowledge and/or experiences that I have no choice but to support them in return.
The pilot episode, ‘Happy Endings’ is what made me fall in love. Sciortino introduced me to an inequality I didn’t even know existed. 

She went out and tried to find a way women could climax as easily as men can. Her reasoning is this, if a man can go out with an escort or to a massage parlor and walk away feeling lighter with a smile on his face, why can’t women?

She bought a very expensive escort and he was not down to touch her peach. No massage parlors wanted to give her what she was looking for. 

She was getting more and more upset by how hard she had to search for a willing hand to finish her off when there are dozens willing to help men.

Now I’m not saying all women want a stranger searching for gold in her pants, but when we feel deprived of the human touch, we should have the same options as men without using sketchy dating sites/apps. 

I give the series 5 out of 5 stars. I learned way more (mind blowing) facts about sexuality than I did in PSYC 2306, no offense to EPCC professors. 

Sciortino is bold for demanding gender equality on these taboo topics that would make a college professor blush. Go check it out.

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