Dispose is an array of sounds for all

April 3, 2018


It’s been 3 years since The Plot in You released their third full length studio album Happiness in Self Destruction which was met with nothing but praise within the metalcore community.


Fan favorite tracks from the album such as My Old Ways and Take Me Away have since become staples within the band’s career. Now, The Plot in You are back with their fourth full length studio effort, Dispose.




The Plot In You's new album release since three years.


However, Dispose showcases a newfound sound for the band choosing to scale back on the screams and chugging guitars for which they were previously known for and instead opting for a more vocally driven album with melodic instrumentals which complement Landon Tewers’s voice beautifully.


Also differing from their previous releases is the lyrical content within the songs. Previously, Landon has written about living within the nightmares of drug abuse and the personal demons that come from this.


Dispose, however displays Landon writing about relationships woes as being something that more people can relate to as the opposed to the lyrics of their previous albums.


The album opens up with “Rigged,” a song that starts slow with Landon singing, “What do I say?


They told me I’m too much to handle.” Then, leading into a hard hitting vocal melody with some screamed vocals and then closing with Landon singing, “What’s left in me? Guess they’ll see, didn’t see this coming.”


The song noticeably has no chorus but changes tone and instrumentation throughout, sounding very experimental for the band, but working wonders for Landon and his vocals.


“Not Just Breathing” is the next track on the album which begins slow as well but builds up into an explosive chorus.


The beginning instrumentation is very spacey, giving off a soothing vibe, only for which the song to do a complete 180 within the chorus and Landon shouting, “I’m alive, I’m not just breathing!”


“Feel Nothing” comes later in the album with a similar vibe to “Not Just Breathing” but retaining its own identity with lyrics that deal with having no feelings for a past lover.


The song also has a beautiful vocal melody at the start that just seems to roll off the tongue so perfectly, especially when being sung along to.


The band’s previous heavy sound also shines a bit within this track with hard hitting guitars and powerful screamed vocals.


The song ends with the chorus in which Landon screams the lyrics “I feel nothing for you!,” delivering a satisfying ending to such a powerful song.


Following “Feel Nothing” is “The One You Loved” which begins with a calm but haunting melody, Landon sings, “Do you remember what I said? The night that I just spilled my soul.


I told you things about myself. Things that no one else should know.”


The song then leads up into a chorus so passionately sung, “What happened to the one I loved? Was the change in me not strong enough? Was it something else? ‘Cuz I tried my best!”


The song is definitely a stand out song from the album which could definitely gain mainstream appeal.


“The Sound” however slows things down with strummed guitar chords playing throughout Landon’s haunting vocal melody.


“The good days fade, the bad ones take and break the spirits we once shared” is just one of the gut wrenching lyrics that Landon delivers with such emotion.


However, near the end of the song comes in a saxophone melody which complements the song ever so beautifully and displaying even more of the experimentation Landon chose to explore within Dispose.


Closing the album is “Disposable Fix,” an experimental beast of a song with changing vocal melodies and varying instruments throughout. Overall, the album is a change of pace for The Plot in You.


It is reminiscent of Bring Me The Horizon’s 2015 smash hit of an album That’s the Spirit and is seeing significant success with this newfound style, and for good reasons too. The album is definitely one of 2018’s best album releases.

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