An idea for spring cleaning

March 27, 2018

 As if there aren’t enough things giving you cancer, any product you put on your face like makeup, makeup-remover wipes, moisturizer and face wash are all labels you might want to give a better look. 

Lifestyle changes are never effortless but can make one feel excited and that they have expanded their horizons. 

This is just another adaptation to consider so, I’ll tell you how I am currently making the switch to mostly organic beauty products.

The moment I realized I should pay more attention was when a facialist told me how bad St. Ives’ apricot scrub is for the skin. 

This was my go-to cleanser during my high school years. He said the company has several lawsuits on account of having crushed up walnut shells in the mix and that it is like “little shards of glass tearing up your face.”

Last year, I had an epiphany learning that most drug store sunscreens are putting users at risk for sun damage and eventually, skin cancer.

 (Body or facial sunscreen that does not contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide is not truly protecting you.) 
That was an easy alteration for me, even if it was costly. A dramatic change in makeup brands and other facial substances however, is much more inconvenient.

Organic, vegan, cruelty-free makeup is hard to come by as most of it is only available online. It can feel like an expensive guessing game therefore I suggest checking Amazon for a better deal.

 I have also noticed that all-natural means smaller sized packaging. These factors are enough for me not to go in the organic direction but I think it can be done one product at a time. 

I knew for a while that these mysterious 12-plus-lettered chemicals were toxic but like many others I ignored it because “everything gives you cancer.” 

Once you become more curious about product labels and trying to decode them it challenges you into exploring safer options like a scavenger hunt. 

To make my research easier, I downloaded a free app called “Think Dirty” which allows you to search or scan most makeup and toiletries.

 An overall toxicity rating is shown from 1-10, 10 being the most harmful, as well as general breakdown of each individual ingredient.

Not all ingredients have been manually vetted but it is fairly obvious to determine if the product is generally safe or not. I also like that the app suggests safer alternatives. 

I haven’t found much of a pattern between which brands to completely avoid, it seems that there are products within companies that are unsafe and others that are relatively trustworthy. 

For this reason, having the app on your phone makes it easy for you to scan and make a decision. 

This is a quick procedure that I have already implemented when I’m on the hunt for a new product or am simply browsing. You can also go the extra mile and google an ingredient you feel unsure about. 

The first product that I decided to change was my face wash, it’s something that I use twice or three times a day so it might as well be safe.


I tried Pacifica’s “Coconut Milk” which is a cream to foam cleanser for all skin types and it removes makeup — one extra step already eliminated for me. 

I love it for both day and night and don’t see myself going back to Aveeno or St. Ives for my face. Because I am new to the organic-makeup world, I haven’t tested many brands. 

The ones with good reviews and that I personally find interesting are 100% Pure, Ilia, RMS, Jane Iredale and W3ll People. 

As someone who loves to try new things from Target and finds a thrill in playing “dress up” at Sephora, I felt disappointed that some of the things I use every day might be toxic or tested on animals. 

I’m eager to try new brands but I’m also not going to throw away my favorite items. 

Of the few new things I have tried, it has been proven to me that organic beauty is just as good as mainstream beauty products, even if it’s elusive. 

For this year’s spring cleaning, I am committed to refreshing my beauty regime.     

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