Here's to looking at you, Valentine

February 13, 2018


Well, well, well, look who’s back again for more affection. I get that I’m the ‘Will Smith-Hitch’ “love” guy but sometimes I just want to talk. When do I ever get my attention?


Whatever, while we’re talking I might as well talk about codependency and how this year you don’t need to be with someone you’re not supposed to just for the sake of having a hand to squeeze.Are you buying what I’m selling?


You’re beautiful and deserve flowers not to amend but just for the occasion of being Tuesday and perhaps on the third before the Fourth of July and also on all 12 days of Christmas. 
I get it, everyone’s got a bae but everything’s not right when you’re a slave. 

Gosh darn it, be brave, break the chains, buy the flowers yourself and redecorate your mental estate.

Send messages to your best of friends on that special day and tell your parents and grandparents to behave cause you still want them to celebrate but are afraid they’ll outdo your rage. 

Engage, don’t go gentle if the two roads always end up in the same place. Explore new territory, journey onward. 

The fill in the blank disaster passed and when the punchline hits, try to embrace the joy and laughter. 
Oppress the urge of devoting to a quest filled with meaningless stress.


The connection is coming, don’t question the best lover of all epics and even rarest legends. I got your back, period. I’m determined to bring nothing but elegance.


It’s Kafka-esque how relentless I am in finding your merit based future relationship. 
Be patient in joining “the rest,” this is just a suggestion.


For you’re free to pick your master in this. The game has no rules but guide lines are present, don’t forget. 

Present yourself as a present as only God, mother nature or the progress of evolution intended. 

Did I mention the tremendous ascension of the heart is eminent and intense?

Prepare for the take off or should I say, the plunge into the lovbyss. Ratatat I upgraded and shot some runaways. 

Quick! Go follow the trace, make that one cutie get a taste. Take the bait, don’t debate, race to the chase. 

In flight to fight for great times and days that turn into the next, there’s no sense of pace. 

On its face, everything seems strange but even solitude will make you an acquaintance.

 Muah, trust with much love, don’t valentine the saint.

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