“LA to Vegas” takes off but not all the way up

February 6, 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts. FOX’s new series LA to Vegas is filled with humor and non-stop mischief.


Directed by Lon Zimmet, the series revolves around fictional airline, Jackpot Airlines, which takes passengers from Los Angeles to Las Vegas every weekend.


The series debuted on Jan. 2 and is already on it’s fifth episode.


Dylan McDermott as Captain Dave in new series "LA to Vegas."


Age wise, it is safe for kids up to 14 years or older due to some mild drug and sexual references.


However, there is a downside to the show. If you’re looking for a show to keep you laughing from beginning to end, LA to Vegas isn’t doing it yet.


Now I’m not saying the show isn’t worth watching at all, but I want to let viewers know ahead of time.


Dylan McDermott plays Captain Dave who is the main protagonist followed by fellow nut jobs.


His flight attendants, Ronnie (Kim Matula) and Bernard (Nathan Lee Graham) somehow find themselves in trouble at the wrong time during flights.


Some of the humor and aviation terms used by the characters may confuse viewers.


Each of the three-main cast member’s filmography include big hit series or films. McDermott has a role with “American Horror Story” since it premiered in 2011.


Matula stars in the 30+ year old series Bold and the Beautiful and finally Graham has had a few roles in movies such as Zoolander, Hitch, and Zoolander 2 which were all big movies the years they were released.


All three of these actors are looking to make themselves even more known with LA to Vegas.


What’s a bit stunning is that Will Ferrell is an associate producer, you would think with a name like that you’d expect any of his productions to be comical but that isn’t the case here.


Executive producer, Steve Levitan, is famous for comedy series Modern Family which premiered in 2009.


Even with a bit of a downfall, LA to Vegas still has time to become better.


To say a show is good or not good based on just a few episodes isn’t always the way to think, you must give it time as well as form your own opinion too.


LA to Vegas comes out on FOX on Tuesdays at 9/8c (7:00 P.M. El Paso time (MT) and has a total runtime of 22 minutes.


If you’re also into flying, aviator sunglasses and pilot’s hats, this is the show for you.


Make sure to keep those seat belts fastened because you never know what to expect from an airline, especially Jackpot Airlines.



May the pilots and crew keep you entertained on your flight to Sin City, I hope the passengers don’t get too crazy. As we all know, whatever happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas. Safe viewing!

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