Autism in Love

January 30, 2018


On Jan. 31 (12 p.m. to 2 p.m.) at the EPCC Mission Del Paso campus, there will be a viewing of an original film, Autism in Love.

It is produced by KCOS/PBS, EPCC Diversity Programs and directed by Matt Fuller.

The film aims to create awareness of the false stereotypes that are associated with the autistic population.

“Autism seems to be very prevalent and many of our EPCC family members are dealing with this issue in their homes,” Olga Chavez, Director of Diversity Programs said.

The film follows four individuals on different sides of the autism spectrum as they search for love and happiness.

The major challenges that those with autism face, when it comes to relationships, are social interaction and verbal and nonverbal communication.

According to, one-third of people with autism remain nonverbal which can create a barrier in terms of romance.


Chavez does not have any personal experience with autistic individuals but she finds shows like The Good Doctor “striking because it shows that you can be whatever you want to be no matter what your limitations.”


Autism in Love is described as a stereotype-shattering film. “There should be no stereotypes or judgement calls on anyone,” Chavez said.


“It is important to bring various diversity issues into the limelight for people to discuss and be educated.”


Joe Zimmerly, majoring in Speech Communication, claims he is not familiar with the film but is “glad to know the school is raising awareness in such a unique and entertaining way that provides valuable information that can spark change.

Knowledge is definitely power. I have two relatives that are on the autism spectrum and I think watching Autism in Love will not only help me better understand my family members but also help others better understand the people they know that have autism.”

The film’s showing is free of charge and open to students and the community so long as space permits.

The Diversity Programs work to implement a diverse presence throughout the  college.


They are constantly looking for new ideas and topics for new films. To suggest an idea, contact her at 915-831-3324 or

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