Celestial dance concert held at TM

November 28, 2017


I had the great opportunity to see the Celestial Meditations dance concert at the EPCC Transmountain Campus on Nov. 17. 

Composed of 11 different and very unique numbers, the performances complemented one another using various perspectives and tones. 

Blending dance, poetry, art and expression, the dancers moved and captivated the audience. 

When the show ended and the crowds started to dwindle,


I got a chance to speak with Christina Mitchell, the District-Wide Dance Coordinator. She was one of the many choreographers for the show. 

“We were thinking that the world is so crazy, hectic, full of issues and a lot of stress that we wanted to offer something that was more meditative to recuperate.


There was almost a spiritual component to the show along with the theme of night, the stars, the moon, your dreams and your prayer to make the world better so, just trying to meditate on the beauty in life,” Mitchell said. 

While watching a show as extravagant as this with multiple numbers oozing with complex flips, dips, and lifts within every single routine, one can only imagine how much time, blood, sweat and tears was put into making the show what it is. 

Glancing at the brochure, one will notice that multiple dances were choreographed by the students themselves which is unbelievable when you see how the routines compliment and mesh with one another as if they were composed by a singular mind. 

Multiple dancers performed more than one routine. One could feel the effort and hard work the students put into making the show unforgettable. 

Mitchell discussed how much time took to make the show possible.

“A lot of time. All the choreographers take a lot of time to generate movement and coordinating things, so this is something we’ve been working on all semester.


It’s a lot of hours, hard work, sweat and digging deep, especially for the physical dances.” 

Their persistent effort did not go unnoticed as the audience reacted favorably to the performances.


As I looked around the audience, I noticed a mother holding her daughter on her lap. 

The young girl’s face would light up with enthusiasm every time the students took the stage.


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