Westside welcomes Gusto to Mesa street

November 7, 2017


Gusto is a brand new restaurant located on the west side of El Paso.


The first drawback or weakness of the restaurant is the location. 



Gusto is located at 5860

North Mesa Street, #130.

They say that the location of the restaurant does not matter if it is a good restaurant but I think that this location does not help at all. 

First of all, it is not easy to realize that it is a restaurant and you’ll get what I mean when you visit it. Also, it is the third or fourth restaurant in that exact same spot in the last two years. 

Nowadays restaurants have to advertise on billboards, online and via social media in order to make it and that is the very first good point they have. 

The restaurant is very nice looking from the inside and useful for private meetings and occasional visits.


The bar also looked very nice. 

I got there on a Friday at noon and they only had the lunch menu available at that time which is from 11 a.m.- 3 p.m. 

There was no hostess, maybe because of the time, but the server in turn helped me and let me decide which table I wanted. 

He said that it is strongly recommended to make a reservation if you are going to eat during the weekend. The server’s name was Chris and his service was more than excellent. 

I got Aqua Panna to drink while I decided what to get for a cocktail. 

I got a sangria for $9 and I think it was totally worth it. It had a really good flavor between fruity and alcoholic, not strong but not too sweet.


I had to say that I did not know what to get and Chris led me to the sangria. 

It was time to order food and I did not know what to order, Chris explained that their food was Latin American with a European flair. 

He convinced me to get their Pabellon Criollo which he said was the signature dish of their lunch menu.


It has shredded beef, black beans and fried plantains which I would explain as a fancy fried banana. 

The whole dish looked and tasted good and it was $14 which I think is a good price for lunch. 

Unfortunately, I had no room for dessert so I did not even ask for it. 

I rate the restaurant with 4.5 stars only because they don’t give you a choice between lunch and a regular dinner menu and because of how hard it was to know where in the plaza the restaurant was located. 

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