Taking strange to a whole new level

November 7, 2017


With the release of “Stranger Things 2” in October, it has come to my attention that some viewers of the popular 80s-based sci-fi drama are obsessing in a completely different way that this viewer is. 

The simple fact of being in the spotlight can get celebrities or public-eye figures out of troubling situations or scandals; which is complete and utter bogus.

I refuse to accept that more popularity, fans or money than the average Joe is a valid reason to not be accountable for your actions or the actions being pushed toward you. 

To briefly recap to those who may not know the individual(s) or their recent actions which makes them part of the problem, I’ll start from the beginning. 

Ever since these kids debuted in the show last October, the characters have been the topic of conversation of many viewers.


That in and itself is fine.

The problem is when viewers go into a deep interest far beyond the characters and the story being brought to us and having an obsession with the actors themselves. 

People took it out of hand and started over-obsessing over the kids to the point where sexual and/or romantic comments were being said about the kids. 

All jokes aside, the sexual comments and sexualizing of not only the characters but, the young actors themselves, did not stop but rather increased and was posted all over social media. 

The two leads Finn Wolfhard (Mike) and Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) are the most affected by the social media commenting, tweeting, and writing in a sexual matter. 

One obsessed fan that posted on social media is 27-year-old model Ali Michael as she posted on her Instagram story that Finn,14, should “hit her up in 4 years.”


After a few setbacks online, Michael apologized to Finn and he accepted her apology. 

But how does that fix anything? 

There are still people out there talking about these kids in a manner that, if they were regular individuals, it would be completely wrong. 

The internet thinking that it is okay to sexualize kids online needs to stop, it is in no way innocent nor un-harmful in anyway even if it just “a joke” or a so-called “meme.” 

It’s bad enough that the concept of kid actors growing up under the spotlight is looked down upon.


Now, kids have to worry about random fans sexualizing them all over the internet.


 Their fame, or anyone’s for that matter, is a get-out-of-jail-free card, this fame however should be used as a platform to talk about problems like this and preventing them from happening. 

At the end of the day after binge watching our favorite shows, whether its Stranger Things or not, we need to focus on who exactly are we obsessing over, the character or the actor portraying the character.

And at the same time, we should understand that these kids we are obsessing over are in fact, real people. 

They are playing a character that exists within a specific reality. 

We should start focusing on the actors’ work and them without sexualizing them especially when they are underage.

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