Star City Studio strives to bring authenticity to El Paso


EPCC students from Billy Townes’ Audio Production and Electronic Music

classes paid a visit to Star City Studio Productions in west El Paso on Nov. 2.


On Nov. 2, EPCC students from instructor Billy Townes’ Audio Production and Electronic Music classes took a tour of Star City Studio Productions west side space. 

“The whole place is artistic,” Townes said. Star City’s space is not only a recording studio but also an event space for businesses to rent out and an art gallery. 

 “It’s a nice addition for the El Paso music scene,” Townes elaborated. 

The whole vibe of this creative space is very community oriented which seemed to be the intended goal. 

“The main thing of Star City Studio is it’s an open community space that anyone is welcome to work with,” Diego Muniz, who is an audio engineer and videographer at Star City, said.

Muniz himself has taken advantage of this opportunistic environment. 

“One of the projects I’ve worked on is Border Sessions. It’s an ongoing session here in El Paso showcasing art and local musicians,” Muniz said.

General manager and senior producer, Eric Boseman, elaborates on this mindset, “We believe that there’s an unbelievable amount of talent in this town. Way more so than you’d think of a city this size.


You see some incredible things kind of happening for those individuals, we had a group that was nominated for a Grammy last year, we had Khalid’s album go platinum, we’ve had all these things happening here in our city,” Boseman said. 

His vision of this space is to bring a certain authenticity to El Paso that one would only think to find in places such as Los Angeles or Austin. 

“We felt like ‘what if we were to create a space that was world class.


 If the facilities are world class and the gear, people wouldn’t feel the need to have to go to Austin or go to LA or to Nashville to do world class type records and projects.”

El Paso seems to have somewhat of a negative connotation surrounding it which Star City is trying to overcome. 

“Our desire is to help, to kind of raise that bar. To really set the bar that says we’re not just ‘Chuco Town.’


This is a place of great excellence with amazing talent, with beautiful culture and amazing people.


Celebrate that this is where you’re from and be proud of that.


But at the same time, be about building things that make you proud of where you are and where you’re from,” Boseman said. 

Along with authenticity, Star City is striving to bring inspiration to the youth of El Paso, such as EPCC students.


With the tour of this space, students were able to be exposed to a genuine recording environment along with its legitimate equipment. 

 “It’s always nice to learn different people’s setups,” started Ethan Thomas, a journalism major at EPCC.


“I worked at a studio myself so seeing how their studio is run— what kind of preamps, compressors.


It’s always a good learning experience.” 

Star City Studio productions is located at 120 W Castellano Drive and can be reached via their website, 


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