Thank You for Your Service sets the standard high

October 31, 2017


  (L-R) Haley Bennett (Saskia Schumann) and Miles Teller (Adam Schumann) star 

"Thank You for Your Service," the film adaptation of a 2013 book by David Finkel.


“Thank You for Your Service” is not a classic movie about the soldier that saved another soldier and ends up being the American hero. 

This movie, inspired by the 2013 book by David Finkel, really shows how life is after serving for the country. 
It also shows how the country is not grateful at all unlike we all think. 

Miles Teller and Beulah Koale did a good job of telling us the after war clichés. 

More movies like this need to be done, showing how veterans become after participating in a war, the struggles and problems they have related to memories, alcohol and anger management. 

Films like these really help to pay tribute to U.S. soldiers which are extremely exploded when they are doing their service but no longer rewarded as they deserve after they are done serving. 

Soldier life is not as government and recruiters make you think it is, it is hard and especially traumatic.

Trauma is the worst thing about being a soldier; it is pretty much what defines their future after finishing service time. 

The worst thing is that it is extremely hard to get psychological help from the government because there are thousands of veterans waiting for it.


That’s why a lot of veterans end up committing suicide, assassinating people or their family members or locked in psychiatric hospitals where they could have not gotten into if the government provided enough and real help. 

 “Thank You for Your Service” is really a good film for debut director, Jason Hall who also wrote American Sniper. 

He did very good work on making us understand how all this works. He dramatizes and shows how much tension soldiers have during after war.


Hall also made us understand the guilt that soldiers have most of the time even tough they did not do anything but help. 

I rate this movie with 4 out of 5 just because even tough I don’t like war films, this one caught me since the first scene played.


I strongly recommend  watching it so you can understand my feelings about this movie.

Please, whenever you see a veteran give them that extra dollar or whatever you have in your pocket. 

They will appreciate it very much and remember that most of the time, it is for their mental and physical health which the government may not be taking care of.

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