Taking time for yourself isn't hard

October 17, 2017



Looking back on the zombie film “Warm Bodies,” I remember thinking it was so original that the main character, “R,” had the ability to see people’s memories just from munching on pieces of their brain. 

Essentially, the message conveyed leaves you with the idea that once you strip away all the external factors of different personalities, all that is left over are those memories, thoughts and actions. 

The next definitive tier of a person’s foundation is what they do in their spare time, their hobbies. But also, if they set apart time for themselves. 

Once upon a time, every person was a child and most children are really only associated with themselves.


Meaning, they do what pleases them and usually don’t have to worry about responsibilities. 

As you get older, responsibilities creep up and start building until you’ve lost who you are and most importantly, you don’t even realize it or care.  

After a certain age, it seems like adults deem themselves too busy to do anything they actually enjoy whether it be reading, drawing, singing, watching movies or seeing their friends. 

Their full-time job kicks in and they stop exerting energy into something other than things they are obligated to do. 

As a college student I haven’t reached this point in my life and truthfully, I hope I never do. 

I hate to throw out the “boring adult” stereotype but in my defense, I’ve met a fair share. 

There are and always will be countless obligations that take up a lot of time: kids, pets, sick family members, work, homework and every other excuse. 

But, if at the end of your life or even each individual day, you can’t name something that made you happy, I find that to be exceedingly empty and almost pitiful. 

It’s your responsibility to make time for a hobby just like you make time for other commitments. 

I am a student, a part-time worker and I live on my own.


I don’t have nearly as much responsibility as other people but I still have enough to take up a whole day, every day.

As I got into the sway of the first half of the school semester, I started to feel a bit overwhelmed with tests and getting assignments done on time. 

On the one hand, I’m generally an A-type personality but on the other, I have B-type qualities in that, if I work too hard, I won’t feel satisfied. There should be a a balance between work and play.

To create that balance, I started regularly participating in Zumba and yoga fitness classes. 

Sure, they take away time that I could be using to edit stories or wash dishes but when my life is only consumed with work, I lose all motivation. 

I think it’s healthy to try new activities regardless of age, ability, gender, and sometimes even finances.

People wear their status (mother, doctor, teacher, dentist, sister, brother, etc.) like a badge and often neglect what drives them to live contently and learn new things as they grow older.

A lot of people reach a complacent state in their lives and think that's all they can do but failure to challenge yourself periodically can only result in restlessness. 

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