Angry Owl sure is a hoot

October 10, 2017


The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and the Hatch Valley Burger are two of a variety of

Angry Owl's savory menu options served along with their beer-battered fries. 


 Angry Owl, on Mesa St., is a Tex-Mex inspired restaurant that had me tearing up from the food and because I felt like I had finally hit restaurant gold. 

The joint is known for its use of hatch chiles but, it should be known for its fries.


The restaurant had pleasant Cantina style decor and it felt oddly welcoming.

I really enjoyed that every booth contained an outlet to charge your phone.The beer-battered fries put every burger joint to shame.


The fries were seasoned to perfection, crispy and fluffy.  
The food was just magnificent as the buffalo chicken sandwich was cooked to perfection. 

It was crispy on the outside but somehow still moist and juicy on the inside.


I also snuck a bite of my boyfriend’s “Hatch Valley Burger” which was also just perfect.

The meat was moist and packed enough heat from the green chilies that it left you crying but you still wanted more.

The menu is also filled with more green chile packed burgers, plain burgers or sandwiches so that everyone could enjoy something depending on their heat preference.


As great as the food was, it couldn’t hide my irritation towards them.

After everything, no matter how far the restaurant might be or how bad the servers were, I would whole-heartedly return to the Angry Owl because this restaurant is a gem and a new favorite weekend spot for me to sit down and enjoy my food while relaxing with my friends. 

What more could a girl ask for in a restaurant? Angry Owl is El Paso’s new “it” eatery so watch as heaven has finally made it into our town.

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