Looking back 20 years changes the now

October 3, 2017


The other day, I tried to say the word ‘war’ 1000 times to see if maybe when it had lost its meaning, a moment of eureka would strike when I eventually figured it out.

Unrecognizable and morphed, a definition refused to claim this still popular but mutated offspring; despite its many fathers.

 Still, I refuse to be the one not on the pulse so I do my best to do my homework and comprehend. 

In this downward spiral to the “truth,” I allow what shouldn’t become too personal and try to hide from the nightmares of stuff I could describe but wouldn’t be anything too far from what we already see.

After Practicing a code blue in his elementary school, my little brother used to wake up crying after having nightmares of worst case scenarios.

I remember buying into the lies too like, evil is common enough to cause you to fear turning every corner, most people in charge do always have your best interest at heart, you’re free and the same as everybody else. 

On Sept. 7, a teacher in Michigan “assaulted” an 11-year-old student who refused to stand up for the pledge.


Sept. 7, a confused patriot attempted to rectify by force an unspeakable atrocity committed by an African-American student. 

Sept. 7 an unstable, despicable, excuse for a human being destroyed the innocence of a youth who’s potential was infinite by informing him peaceful protest actually comes with a price tag. 

It’s probably safe to assume the individual in question received a couple of likes online regardless of how any of us feel about it.

 I recently deleted my Facebook because of opinions being echoed within the inner circles of social groups I’d mostly become a fringe subscriber to. 

Too much of a good thing is actually a bad thing unfortunately, to me, it appears as if this “good,” is in very low supply.


I’ve been through stuff I wish I never remember and I can tell you about stuff I wished I’d never been through. 

I tried to say the word ‘love’ 1000 times but halfway through something inside me asked, “What do you even know about this in the first place that you’re trying to erase? The more you learn, the less you know right?”

 I wish I knew nothing of Yellowstone and sometimes I wish science and math was more simple so I could contribute something of value. 

I wish I hadn’t realized that even after you take a knee, they boo because you refuse to go all the way through with it and lay down in the hole that they’re waiting for you to dig. 

I wish I stopped looking back so much because the cracks and holes in my paths seem to be coming more often. 

Still we look back, we look back to never forget where we came from and sometimes we look back to remember how far we’ve come.”

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