Lego Ninjago is a no - go

October 3, 2017



Making a children’s toy into a movie isn’t anything new and usually it’s a disaster but sometimes you get lucky.


That wasn’t the case with the Lego Ninjago movie. I was really excited to see it as I’ve enjoyed the other two Lego movies. 

Yet, as I watched this movie, I couldn’t help but notice how extremely close it was to the Lego Batman movie.


Rather than Batman and Joker it was Lloyd Garmadon (Dave Franco) and Garmadon (Justin Theroux). 

It had the exact same plot but instead of Joker trying to win Batman’s love, it was Lloyd trying to win his dad’s love.

The movie was really sloppy and the fight scene in the beginning was horrible as you have trouble following the action. There was too much was going on. 

You’re trying to watch all the ninjas fight until Lloyd gets in the way. They piled too much into one scene.

Besides the sloppy fight scene, the movie had a really good story to it about friendship. 

It sends a really nice message about sticking with each other no matter what happens even if someone messes up. 

It also sent a good message about people who seem one way but in reality just want to be loved by someone.

What I really loved about this movie was the message to accept people no matter how different they may be which reminded me about what’s going on today with racism. 

It’s a positive thing to do in a kid’s movie and that’s what I really enjoyed about it.

The comedy in the movie was so-so with a good punch line here and there, but it wasn’t so bad that I wanted to kill myself or storm out of the theater. 

All in all, the movie wasn’t completely garbage. It had its good moments even if it felt like a recycled plotline. 

The movie had a lot of great themes that will certainly teach kids how to treat people kindly no matter how different they may be. 

The story was great, it had me on the edge as I watched a father and son go from hating each other to loving each other and I think every parent appreciated or loved those scenes. 

This movie wasn’t a total wreck but it wasn’t a total hit either so I give 2.5 stars for the effort and because I liked the character Garmadon.

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