Kingsman - Every girl loves a smartly dressed man

September 26, 2017


(L-R) Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, and  Pedro Pascal in "Kingsman: The Golden Circle."



Taron Egerton who plays “Eggsy Unwin,” has once again graced the box office with his slicked back hair, super intelligent glasses and British lingo for fans who loved the original Kingsman film. 

James Bond-esque in nature, the sequel “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” delivers heart-pumping action scenes, spy gadgets hidden in upper class attire, allusions to its predecessor and a brand new mission. 

The strong opening scene quickly takes a turn laying out the foundation for the storyline and continues to develop with each act.

Rather than just England, the characters pay a visit to Kentucky, thus engaging American audiences, with a final destination in Italy and Cambodia.


I adore spy movies so the world that the director, Michael Vaughn, has created is right up my alley. 

Similar to “Get Smart,” Kingsman members are sharp-dressed men with multitasking spectacles, shoes, pens, umbrellas and more. 

Each accessory is either razor sharp, explosive, technology-integrated or a combination of these.

What really impressed me was the action, usually in superhero or car movies I find that it is sometimes so rapid that I miss what exactly went down. 

In the new Kingsman, the action shots seemed a bit slowed down but just enough for the viewer to see each weapon and attack the character made. 

It almost reminded me of how the Sherlock Holmes (2009) film dramatically reduced the speed on action scenes.

The movie also brought back the original cast including Colin Firth as “Harry Hart” and Mark Strong portraying “Merlin,” alongside guest stars Elton John, who played himself, Channing Tatum, Halle Barry and Julianne Moore.

Although the cast is full of reused Hollywood actors, I didn’t mind because it never hindered their performances. 

I might’ve chosen a different person to play “Tequila,” Tatum’s character, because it seems that he solely gets hired for comedic relief, money and looks. 

On the flip side, Elton John fan or not, viewers couldn’t help but chuckle at his goofy nature and fits of rage on screen.

For those who attended his Don Haskin’s concert last March, his appearance in the film was even more enjoyable just to think that he was right before your eyes half a year ago. 

Although I didn’t re-watch the original, I felt that “Golden Circle” was definitely more profane probably because the film’s creators are aware of what kind of audience they are looking to please. 

This movie is rated R for good reason, not because there are a couple of “F-bombs.” However, the dialogue doesn’t feel overdone either and the scenes that are taboo, aren’t long.

Nowadays, sequels have dominated modern plot lines and as a result, it isn’t crucial to watch the originals. 

With that in mind, I didn’t expect for Kingsman to have so many references or inside jokes in regard to the first film.


The acting and catchphrases of “Golden Circle” meant much more to fans of “Secret Service” though it is still an easy-going and light-hearted movie.

There are definitely instances in which the action-at-hand could never happen in real life or certain character’s (Channing Tatum) one-liners were cheesy and for the first few seconds, this bothered me until I remembered Kingsman is not to be taken too seriously. 

It’s a 2-hour weekend get-a-way where you don’t have to psychoanalyze the meaning, you just awe at the fast-paced scenes and pretty places.


I give "Golden Circle" 4.5 stars for the well-executed action, neat costuming and of course Elton John. 

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