H.R. gets experienced Executive Director

September 26, 2017


Dr. Andrew Peña, a UTEP Alumni, has been selected to serve as the New Executive Director of  Human Recourses at EPCC. 

This job that entails important factors such as making sure that the faculty and staff that are selected to work at EPCC are highly qualified and properly educated, also ensuring the safety of faculty, staff and students around campus.




Dr. Andrew Peña, New Executive Director of  Human Recourses.


Their mission statement is to “ensure that El Paso Community College employs and retains qualified personnel who support the delivery of quality educational programs that empower our students to improve their quality of life.” 

A statement that Peña takes very seriously, “The college has a trending pattern with increasing enrollment and a great caliber of faculty to provide instructional material to the students at EPCC, students and taxpayers have a right to know the college is employing quality faculty, it is important for students to take advantage of the end-of-semester evaluations to note positive experiences that they receive, and if they didn’t receive the type of instructions that they should, this should be noted by the students so that the college is receptive and responsive,” 

Dr. Pena said when asked what sense he has of how well EPCC is positioned to recruit top level personnel.


“It is up to receptive faculty leaders to review the evaluations and work with faculty members whose performance needs to be improved, retain the faculty members who are excelling in instruction and service, that applies to staff as well.


There are staff members who have regular interactions with students so it is important for the prospective department head to make note that the employee is doing their job and it is reflected in their performance evaluations.” 

One of the many important departments that is overseen by Human Resources is the Department of Risk Management which is here to ensure the safety and security of all faculty, staff and students at EPCC. 

“Students have a need to understand that EPCC takes safety and security very seriously.


Certain safety concerns should be addressed by the supervisors and faculty members on a regular basis, they should to go over basic ground rules.


What happens in an emergency? Where are the exits?


Where are we going to meet? It is also incumbent upon students to ask in a classroom, most of these items are addressed in some sense, but that does not prevent a student from asking the question if it’s not there,” Peña said.

 “I think that the college continuously ensures that its mission is being met, we have to because not only do we serve the taxpayers we also serve the students and I am almost certain that if we weren’t we would hear it from either one of those two constituencies, I am pretty confident that we are and we will continue to be responsive on meeting our mission.”

For more information, visit the EPCC Website Department of Human Resources website at http://www.epcc.edu/HumanResources/Pages/default.aspx or visit the EPCC Website of Risk Management at http://www.epcc.edu/OfficeofRiskManagement/Pages/default.aspx.


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