Sign up and get your S.W.E.A.T on at EPCC

September 18, 2017


For the past 30 years EPCC has been offering physical fitness at various campuses. Martha De La Fuente, Director of The Continuing Education Health Program, has been hiring professional instructors for the 14 classes available this semester such as Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Weight Training and more.

“We try to offer a wide variety of fitness courses that will help people in their goal to become fit,” De La Fuente states in regard to wanting students, faculty and outside individuals to check out the classes being offered.

She also states that they offer two types of Yoga. The first one, “Yoga from Inside Out” uses yogic breathing, meditation, and physical postures.


This class is accessible to adults of all ages and respects every student’s age and physical abilities. 

The second, Hatha Yoga, releases tension and creates energy and with the use of the fundamental postures of yoga and breathing techniques students will be able to cultivate their natural beauty of their bodies, increase vitality, mental stimulation and rejuvenation.

 “We try to do what is popular. Zumba is pretty big, but right now really popular is called S.W.E.A.T is a very intense workout,” De La Fuente said.

S.W.E.A.T is a total body workout which incorporates all genres of music.


Each class adds “extreme” fitness such as plyometric workout and dumbbell resistance training all while keeping the dance aspect of it all. 

 “My Favorite is the Yoga class at Transmountain…I really recommended it,” Silvia Sustaita, Interim ISC Manager, said.


She has taken a few of the classes offered at EPCC and that she would get out of work at the Rio Grande Campus to drive to the Transmountain Campus for the classes. 

Sustaita states that a lot of people from outside the school go to the Transmountain Campus.


Even though she loves the classes, Sustaita explains that she wishes there would be more classes available at the Rio Grande Campus for her and co-workers to sign up for.

Every class available is one hour-long and they are part of 6, 8, 12 or even 48-hour sessions and prices vary from $50, $65 for 12-hour session classes and $114 for the 48-hour session classes, which are Weight Training and Conditioning.


The money for the classes goes strictly into paying the professional instructors. Most of the classes will have the equipment available for you, but other such as a yoga mat for either the Hatha Yoga and “Yoga from Inside Out” will not be provided and each student will have to bring their own. 

All classes have multiple meeting hours at multiple campuses throughout town, and most classes have sessions yet to begin, so sign up and get your fitness on!


For more information please contact Marta De La Fuente’s office at 915-831-4029 or via email:

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