Nobody speak, nobody gets choked

September 18, 2017

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Nick Denton as himself in "Nobody Speak:Trials of the Free Press."



In the trenches, assaulted by enemy fire halfway past the second act nearing the big climax, the underrated war on journalism gains an audience with the new Netflix documentary “Nobody Speak:Trials of the Free Press.”

Using the Hulk Hogan’s sex tape scandal, which would otherwise have been obsolete and without a shadow of a doubt be lost in obscurity had he not sued the publication who circulated the story, the piece initially mainly follows the defendants of the case; the staff and owner of Gawker. 

After claiming the story ruined both his professional and personal life, Hulk Hogan or Terry Gene Bollea attempts to be the first public figure to take to court a case which is essentially Internet Privacy vs the First Amendment. 

As the defendants in the case admit to being a different type of news site which aims to be purposefully abrasive but still be held down by integrity and facts, it doesn’t feel wrong to root for them but at the same time, it does not feel right. Still, the right of the press and free speech should not ever be suppressed or compromised.

As the story moves forward, many questions arise from the trial that demand a closer look.


Such as, who is funding Hogan’s legal team and the follow-up question of, what is to happen to our principles when a rogue billionaire decides to influence the way an institution works using the power that comes with the presence of money? 

Brian Knappenberger, the director makes it very apparent he’s on a side. The documentary itself feels as if it is split into two parts, the first of which I’ve gone over.

The second is introduced in a very sloppy rushed manner and makes it feel as if this should have been a mini series with two-hour-long episodes.


The conclusion attempts to tie everything it has gone over in the shortest of the sections but does not over stay its welcome.


This being said, in Trump’s America, even the points highlighted at the end seam a little out dated.


After the remarks about the events in Charlottesville, it left many influential people questioning their alliances with the president. 

This is not the best documentary Netflix has put out this year considering that I didn’t learn who Paul Manafort and Roger Stone are here but it still takes the cake for the summer.


We live in an era where we are bombarded with issues and obstacles for the utopia civilizations continuously strives for. 

This is not the biggest one at the moment perhaps but it should be addressed and it should be addressed now while we still have a chance to voice our opinions in a society that appears to be distilling the healing purity of democracy with vile fascist excrete that multiplies faster than bacteria.


I give Nobody Speak 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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