IT slashes the box office opening weekend

September 18, 2017




Pennywise, the notorious clown, is back and he is creepier than ever.Breaking box office records with its $123 million opening, it’s definitely worth a watch!

“It” is basically about a menacing clown who feeds off of fear and literally eats children alive.


Throughout the movie we are following a group of young children who have just started summer break and are determined to find out why so many kids have gone missing in the town of Derry. Billy, the main character, has lost his younger brother, Georgie, which is the main reason for their search.

The film deals with loss, friendship and courage the way not many horror films manage to do.


The film makes us feel isolated from safety by identifying with the children, whose only interactions with adults are scolding and emotionless.


That being said, don’t let that take away from the fact that this movie is still terrifying in a lot of ways.

This movie is as much an adventure film and psychological thriller as it is a horror. Bringing nostalgic elements from “The Goonies” and mind games from “Donnie Darko,” “It” is a thrill to watch.


 “It” is a smartly written horror film which relies on more than cliché jump scares and a scary monster. Pennywise isn’t a faceless or characterless monster either.


His deep drunken–sounding voice highlights his creepy personality.

Yes, there are a few small plot holes in the film but that doesn’t stop you from suspending belief while watching the film.


“It” smartly captures the small 80s town of Darry with subtle set design and believable characters.

The characters though, are where this film really shines. With writing that sounds like it came from the kids’ characters themselves, finally a horror film is able to capture how kids actually speak to each other.


With many comedic moments between the group, it adds refreshingly honest moments to the dialogue.


All the credit doesn’t go to the writing though, the performances from the kids are top notch.

The film really gives the actors a chance to shine by spending much needed time on character development.The soundtrack is another element that is worth mentioning.


Although the soundtrack isn’t completely unique or original, it still works in regard to how it was included in the film. “It” doesn’t overwhelm with soundtrack and only includes it when needed.

In an era of film where profit is king and superhero and crappy sequels reign, this is a sequel I’m actually excited about.


“It” is a film that doesn’t feel lazily produced for a quick profit. It feels like the filmmakers put in the effort and made it a movie for the audience.

Although not perfect, “It” definitely shines and is worth the watch. After watching the film, it is easy to see why people don’t want to hire clowns for their kids’ events.

The movie closed with a few claps, signifying this box office monster is here to stay. See you in 27 years Pennywise! I give this sequel 4.5 stars out of 5.

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