EPCC President delivers College Address

September 18, 2017


On Sept. 7, hundreds gathered in the auditorium of the Administrative Services Center to listen to President Dr. William Serrata deliver the keynote speech for his constituency.


He highlighted the accomplishments of the college, recognized key figures and expressed his vision for EPCC.


From infrastructure to academic programs, Serrata updated his audience on virtually every aspect of the district.



Preisdent Dr. William Serrata gave his annual State of the College Address on Sept. 7.



Associate Vice President of Budget & Financial Services Fernando Flores delivered the opening remarks briefly touching on topics Serrata would cover later on.


He then introduced Raul H. Lerma, the Interim Vice President of Student Services, to educate the audience on campus carry.


Lerma played Campus Carry Jeopardy with everyone while Rebekah Bell, the president of the Faculty Senate, was chosen to answer questions with the audience as her lifeline. 

Serrata began his speech thanking those who helped put the presentation together and commemorating all of his colleagues for their hard work.


Then, he spoke about the hurricane that crippled Houston a little over a week ago. Serrata formally recognized the ongoing efforts of the students who put together the Houston Disaster Relief Drive.


He offered his condolences for those affected by the natural disaster, “Most of these institutions won’t be looking at starting classes and some of them were going to try to start yesterday.


I know that at Lone Star College, one campus will be closed for the next six to nine weeks.”

Serrata discussed each phase of the master plan and the overall timeline.


The process begins in October with the design and development Phase. A few months later in January, the construction and documents phase will begin leading to the bid Phase in March 2018.


Then finally, in April, the Board of Trustees will vote on the master plan. If approved, then construction for all five campuses will begin in May 2018. 

“We asked the Board and the Board agreed to have a committee where they meet bi-weekly to go over everything that’s going on, to approve things and purchases,” Serrata then added, “We have to work and make sure they are able to continue this process for us to make sure that everything gets done by November of 2019.” 

While he spoke about the square footage, the audience also had the chance to check out 3D renderings of each project on the PowerPoint presentation.


Although, the Mission Del Paso (MDP) campus at the moment is relatively small, Serrata mentioned that after everything is said and done, MDP will be the second largest campus right behind VV.

According to statistics from the college, enrollment at EPCC is at a three percent decline.


Serrata mentioned in his speech that this can be the result of a direct relationship with the low unemployment rate in the United States.


The enrollment rate at EPCC is lower than it was back in 2010. “We have to create a college-going culture.


We should be at minimum, serving about four percent of the population. What would that be?


You’re looking at a minimum of about 32,000 people.” Although the employment rate is declining, Serrata boasted an increase in degrees and certificates awarded by the institution.


Full-time graduation rates have also increased to an all-time high of 16.9 percent.

In a nutshell, President Serrata described every success and ongoing project of the college.


Those who watched in the audience and those who saw the event online learned a little more about EPCC.


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